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Funny/Creative Fantasy Football Team names?

Need a name for my league I have a few in mine but I need something awesome to show up my friends

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    3 Players and 2 based on the team (Coaches, owners, team nickname, etc.)


    The stone hands of Stevie Johnson

    Thigpen's pig pen

    Byrd is the word

    Buffalo Senior Citizens

    12 years and counting


    Don't Stab me

    Da Bess

    The Carpenters

    The Sporanos

    Squished by the fish


    Revis Island

    Shunned by Shonn

    Dustin's Killers

    Inside Rex Ryans Gut

    In the big green apple


    The Brady Bunch

    Got my head in the woods

    Walkin with welker

    Rockin the hoody

    The Kraft Dinosaurs


    Angry Dalton

    Chicken Nugents

    All aboard on the shipley

    Earning my stripes

    Why get Clark when you have Lewis


    Ending the Madden Curse

    MTV Cribbs

    O come Emmanuel Stephens

    Cleveland Public enemy #2= Art Modell

    The Lemeurs



    Run Ricky run

    Rice, Pittas, and whatever other Grubbs you can find

    Everybody love Raymonds

    Cam camerons camera crew


    Hating Goddell, $100,000 at a time.

    Stuck in Polamalu's mane

    A Willy Colon is a healthy Colon

    Dan Rooney's beautiful art

    Wiz Kalifa's boys, or at least his colors


    Easy like Saturday morning

    Fill out your Brackett

    Reggie Wayne's world

    Hating the lockout

    Jim Irsay's tweets of doom


    Yo Gabba Gabbert*

    Driving my Mercades

    Play with Mojo

    Jaguar Pos

    Rio, the coach


    Stump the Schaub

    Foster's home for imaginary friends

    Johnson & Johnson

    Hairy Kubiak*

    The Wade Phillips project


    Shoved in a Locker

    The Bironas Brothers

    I'm bringing Hasselbeck

    Bud Adam's favorite finger

    Floating on Lake Dawson


    Tebow steak

    I Knowshon Moreno

    Whatcha talkin about Willis

    A Mile High QB mess

    I'm Foxy


    Living in a van down by the Rivers

    An"toe"nio Gates

    A TKO

    Go Chargers go

    Malcom over the middle


    King of the Cassel*

    Take a Bowe

    You are such a Succop

    I'll Hunt you down

    Zorn's horns


    Campbell's soup

    See more Seymour

    No luck Pryor to now

    Al Davis' 401k, and 401 years of age

    Missing Madden


    A hard Choice

    Miles from Austin

    Buehler?... Buehler?.... Buehler?....

    Jerry Moans

    The insanity that is Rob Ryan


    Maclin X

    Merry Vickmas

    Celek an item

    The it's not a dream team

    Bigger than Andy Reid's meals


    Tuck me in

    Prince Amukamara, the last of Egyptian royalty

    Here a Manning, there a Manningham, everywhere a Manning

    I have a Coughlin

    Giant on the Jersey Shore


    What a Hightower

    That's gross man

    Do your Landry

    Super Shanahans

    No more publicized conditioning tests


    Forte-yard dash*

    Hot Peppers

    Gould mine

    Lovie will keep us together

    Mike Martz's smartz


    Suhper team

    Ja Best

    We play Fairley

    Fantastic Ford

    Top 5ers


    Put on your belt

    Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood*

    Goldilocks and the Packers D

    The Cheeseheads

    The Presidents' team


    Brettless........ for now

    AP Running 101

    Mullets and Jorts and sacks o my!

    Singletary's super D

    Snow is through the roof


    The Freemen

    Blount punches

    Winslow in the window

    The no longer Suckaneers

    Earn you Earnest


    Matty Ice Ice Baby

    A burner named Turner

    Sweet Georgia White

    Team _______________

    Snelling like a snail


    Newtons theories of Quarterbacking

    Santa Clausen

    That's a mare

    I'm shocked by shockey

    Ron Rivera rides on


    Do you feel a breeze?

    Thomas Ingram Sproples down the field

    Graham crackers

    Marching in the Superdome

    Onside kicks all around


    Corn on the Kolb

    Smells like Beanie

    The magnetic hands of larry fitzgerald

    Trying to get over the playoff heap

    Are the bears what you think they are?


    Akers and Akers of Crabtrees

    Have a glass of Ginn

    I need to use the Iupati

    Not a new York

    Take a ride on the Candlestick


    Amen dola

    The Hoomanawanui Luau

    Riding in the Cadillac

    Always one of something short

    Raming on through the Gateway Arch


    Release the beast

    Golden Rice

    Trufants turf

    Seattles luckiest

    The loser cinderella

    Source(s): * A few of these were made by DJ Gallo of page 2 from espn. Found on:
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    10 years ago

    Taste the Duane Bowe

    Snakes on a Reggie Wayne

    It's On like Ndamukong

    Flacco Seagulls

    Bro's before Shiancoes

    Breaston Plants

    Terrelle's Priors

    The Hillis are Alive with Music

    Addai another Day

    Dirty Sanchez's

    Shipley's Believe it or Not's

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    Plaxidently Shot Myself

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Megzy Maulers, Megzy Ballers, Flame hearts, Pigskin Pinkies, Kitten Caboodle, Megzy Shifters, Lady Bugs, Lady Speeders. These are just a few I could think of. Hope it helps! Good luck!

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    I know this is an old questions, but anyone else who comes along and reads this should check out this <a href="">fantasy/ football names</a> site. Hundreds, if not thousands of names categorized by teams and players. I think it is what you're looking for. Good luck.

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    The Macon Bacons from Macon Georgia

    The Philadelphia Cream Cheeses from Philadelphia Mississippi

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    mines "she gives woodhead"

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