are there any SQL developer tools that can connect to a Sequal and Oracle Database?

i am looking for an sql developer tool that can connect to a sequal and oracle database. preferably one that is simpel in use so that i can use it. ive looked at pl/sql developer and toad for oracle. but they cant connect to sequal databases.

any help would be apreciated ^^

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    9 years ago
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    You may try SqlDeveloper (

  • 4 years ago

    sq. is a programming language with quite a few implementations. 2 of the main extensive-unfold advertisement sq. implementations are from Oracle and Microsoft; your "sq. Oracle" would be Oracle's version, your "sq. server" would be Microsoft's product. the concepts and code at the back of the two are exceptionally lots comparable. the place they variety is the way they are wrapped up and used, so like a BMW and a Mercedes the two have parking breaks, on the BMW you utilize it alongside with your hand and on the Mercedes you utilize your foot. seen trouble-loose is a Microsoft programming language, used (misused for my area) in the two preparation and in development in-residing house purposes. The .internet area of the call refers to a series of technologies that seen trouble-loose makes use of and which could additionally combine in diverse strategies with Microsoft sq. Server. sq. is used to shop archives interior an utility, even in spite of the undeniable fact that it may infrequently be used to create an utility in itself. seen trouble-loose is one technologies you could desire to apply to create an finished utility around a sq. database. Oracle does no longer probably have an equivalent of seen trouble-loose. the two companies do have greater effective programming languages, Oracle has a Java and Microsoft C#, the two considered one of which fulfil comparable roles and for my area woudl be greater useful to verify than seen trouble-loose.

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