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If a Duke has a child what is their child's title?

Is it just the next position down?

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    No it depends on what subsidiary titles he has. Dukes usually have more than one title. If he is also the Earl of Wherever then his eldest son will be The Earl of Wherever. His daughters will be styled as The Lady Jane Doe and the younger sons will be styled as Lord Whoever.

    Eaxample the Duke of Northumberland's subsidiary title is the Earl of Percy. His children are:

    Lady Catherine Sarah Percy (b. 23 June 1982) m. (26.02.2011) Patrick Valentine[1]

    George Dominic Percy, Earl Percy (b. 4 May 1984)

    Lady Melissa Jane Percy (b. 20 May 1987)

    Lord Max Ralph Percy (b. 26 May 1990)

    His eldest son is The Earl of Percy. His other son is Lord Max Ralph Percy, and his daughters are The Lady followed by their given names (they retain their titles even if they marry a commoner).

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    A Duke, who is a member of the highest non-royal rank of the peerage, is fairly likely to also hold several lesser titles, and it's customary to refer to his eldest son by the next-higher title that properly speaking actually belongs to the Duke himself. Therefore, if a man is both Duke of This and Earl of That, he'll usually just be called Duke This and his eldest son will be called Earl That. This is a courtesy title only; the son is still legally regarded as a commoner (though one belonging to a noble family) unless the title specifically conferred upon him by a writ of acceleration.

    The general safe title for the son of a duke if you don't know his specific title is "Lord". Again, this is merely a courtesy title, but since you bothered to ask we're assuming you're making a special effort to be polite.

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    He becomes a dukeling.

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