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Question For Christians?

Say theres this kid. Hes a great kid, and was always looking to help people out whenever he could. He was brilliant as well, and made perfect grades throughout his school career. All the way up to high school where he graduates a year early with straight A's. He moves on to college, then med school, then gets a job as a surgeon. This guy is saving people lives every day. Hes so good at his job in fact, that by the age of 30, this guy is making 500k a year. Now thats a pretty decent chunk of money, and you could live a real nice life off of that. Alright, now don't get me wrong, this guy lived a pretty nice life using that money, bought himself a nice house with a beautiful yard and a gorgeous sports car. But not as nice of a house as he could have with that kind of money, and not as nice of a car either for that matter. This is because half of his money goes straight to charity. Even in his wealth he still helps people just like when he was a boy. Charity donations aren't the only thing he does though; in the little free time he has, hes at the animal shelter or the soup kitchen, etc, volunteering the only time he has away from his pretty difficult job to helping in any way he can. He was great at everything he did; he was a favorite among the hospital staff because of his sense of humor, kindness, and ability to stay extremely calm under the pressure of someones life being on the line. At his volunteer locations he was always the favorite among the animals at the shelter, and the homeless that visited the soup kitchen. Due to being so good at his job, he eventually was making enough money that he could retire early, and decided to settle down at the age of 40. He married and had a couple of kids, and started his own charity organization. He spent the remainder of his life raising millions of dollars in donations and then giving it all away to whoever needed it. Storm victims, the homeless, etc. When he finally died peacfully in his bed at the age of 85, people considerted him one of the greatest people of their time. Everyone agreed that he had a nice spot in heaven waiting for him. One problem though, he was an atheist. So, according to most christians, no faith in god equals no heaven, and eternal suffering in hell. Despite his saint like acts throughout his entire life, he gets to spend the rest of his life in eternal suffering.

Now lets move on to the next guy. Not much to say about this low life. He never made higher than a c at school, and works as a fry cook at McDonalds. He spends his time after work sitting in his own filth in his apartment, watching tv and smoking cigarrettes. He barely ever gets up from his couch and contributes absolutely nothing to society, besides tasty hamburgers. The only time he leaves his home on the weekends is for his sunday church service. Once he gets home, he plops himself down on the couch and switches on the tv, where he remains until its time for work on monday. He dies at the age of 39 from a heart attack. But, hes christian! So he gets to spend the rest eternety in bliss and happiness in heaven.

Now explain to me how this makes sense.

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    My first question is what is the basis for this question? The man did not believe in GOD, correct? The Bible teaches us that we can be either "hot" or "cold". Regardless of what this generous man gave, he denied any existence of GOD and HIS only begotten Son JESUS who is the Christ. The questions relevance remains unanswered. He denied any existence of GOD, which defines him as a sinner. If you accept Christ as your Savior, then HE makes atonement for your sins (mercy sacrifice) where by your sins are forgiven. Then you can enter into Heaven.

    In Matthew 25:31-46 the Bible teaches the final judgment. The righteous will enter heaven to enjoy everlasting life but the wicked will go into eternal punishment. The thought of everlasting suffering is repulsive to many. To understand this teaching, you must be willing to study with more than just a superficial understanding of God's Word.

    Hell, despite the denials of many, is real. Sin demands it. Sin is a violation of the law of God (1 John 3:4). If there were no punishment for sin, then there could be no law for law without penalty is null and void. If there is no law, there would be no sin. That would make the death of Jesus useless because if there is no sin there is no responsibility to save anyone from it. Our aversion to hell is equal to our indifference toward sin. As sin becomes more evil in our minds, hell becomes more logical.

  • If there is nothing to say about the second guy other then he goEs to church then he wil be in hell too. Being in church doesn't make anyone a Christian. The reason that the first guy will go to hell is the same reason that the second one will and it is because he is a sinner. Although the smart guy did all those great things he is still a sinner and the only way to get to heaven is to be perfectly righteous. And the surgeon is missing the largest aspect of that because he doesn't love God. If the other guy has no evidence of Gor in his life other than going to church he probably doesn't love God either and probably isn't a Christian. Another thought would be that even if you were let I heaven according to your works that being charitable and a good husband would not be earning anything extra but just doing what your suppose to do and any sin in his life (stealing, idolatry and more likely than anything else PRIDE) would add a deficit that he wold not ever be able to make up for because doing what is right is just enough and wouldn't make up for doing wrong.

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    Neither of them did God's will so they are in the same situation. Just because someone says he's a Christian doesn't mean that they have a clean standing before God.

    This second guy smokes - against 2 Corinthians 7:1 and he does nothing that Jesus stated for true Christians to do - going to church service once a week doesn't make a person a true follower of Jesus.

    Just as doing lots of very good things doesn't mean that a person had the right motive in doing it. If they do good deeds to feel good or have 'glory' for themselves then they have missed the point.

    The point is that life without God and without acknowledging that we are alive and can do good things because of him nullifies anything that we can do, no matter how great or loving.

    There is the other side too that only God can read hearts and only God decides who will survive - we can't judge the actions of others. Maybe the atheist would survive and the 'christian' wouldn't.

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    There is no explaining to do....

    Some Christians are just going over their heads and claiming what they know nothing about. No one knows the mind of God and yet these dodos go about saying things like...

    "God will send you to Hell for not believing.."

    Since the beginning of mankind, no one has been to Hell and come back, nor has anyone known of God sending anyone anywhere for any reason.

    These people are putting words and gestures in to God, and to me, that itself borders on blasphemy. For they know not of the Father, even Jesus does not know of the Father.

    So... based on the two stories, above, God would do the final judging, He being all knowing and He knows stuff about these two that even the two characters do not know about themselves... so we let

    God decide if one, both or neither one will go...either place.

    Pay no attention to these so called Christians....

    By the way, I too am Christian....I just don't believe in condemning anyone...not my job, man.

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    Nobody knows what EXACTLY will happen when they die... not even christians? Nobody, but GOD... all us christians have to go by is the BIBLE and our faith and trust in GOD... but one thing to clear up, going to church once a week and claiming to believe in GOD doesn't make you a christian? Sadly there are MANY who believe that's all it takes...those are the ones (claiming one thing and living another) that give christianity a bad name? were not all so bad... we're not all hypocritical, judge mental, and hateful... christianity is not about who's right or who's wrong... it's about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone and everything and believing in something bigger than yourself?

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    Well the lord is complex like that, but basically u from what I collected u need to except the lOrd I tO ur heart and mean it AND live a life pleasing to him. It seemed to me like man 1 lived a life pleasing to the lord, and man 2 excepted him into his heart. But neither both. But honestly the lord sees the heart and he knows. That's a great question to ask the lord in heaven!!!

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    the atheist has a good karma.

    that means he will get a good life .. reincarnate and get a good life.

    but heaven .. no way.

    the c grade guy .. he's a christian.

    he worships God. To heaven he goes.

    don't like it ? ... try changing the system IF you can.

  • If your looking for works to get you to heaven then listen to what Jesus says. He says your works must be perfect...

    Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." Matthew 19

    Too bad your rich man had to have his nice house and luxury car. He pales in comparison to the widow who had but two mites to her name and yet gave even that to God....

    But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything--all she had to live on." Mark 12

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    Oh my dear friend You can be the nicest man on the earth but if you havent accepted Jesus into your life You go to hell..its all on Gods judgment and what i have heard as long as you accepted jesus chist into your life you are granted the life with Jesus

    Source(s): i am a christian just read the bible anwesrs will come flying to you
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