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My dad said he hated me?

I am 13 and I got in a fight with my dad. He hit me and said he hated me and slammed my door..does mean it?

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    Have you EVER said something you later regretted? We all have. I wasn't there, so I cannot tell what the 'tone' of the argument was that was being used. Maybe you were disrespectful in the way you responded to him, that brought the "I hate you' comment. In any case, him striking you is wrong. He is the adult (and needs to ACT that way) It is acceptable for him to defend himself if you are physically attacking him, but it is not much of a man that strikes a child.

    Allow him to calm down, and then talk to him later about this. Check YOUR attitude and review what you said to him, to see if you also need to apologize... If you are scared of him, ask someone to be with you when you talk to him. (You Mom, another relative, etc.)

    Source(s): Past Law Enforcement Officer
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    1st of all, maybe you think people/parents can talk anyway they see fit and never lie. Turns out many are abusers. Actually they are not trying to be tough to make you better or help- they are tricking you. Bullies can be from home or school- they are sick.

    There are many types of abusive people/parents. Some ignore you. Some hit the bottle. Some hit you. And some run their mouths and put you down. THEY are sick and feel great by being mean, and thats the only reason they do it. They are wrong about everything. The typical abuser is close-minded, self-righteous and was also abused themself. Use defense and read many sites on verbal abuse etc. People tear you down or give irratating advice to build themselves up. They are the ones with problems not you.

    Remember- Abuse always involves some deception mixed in.

    Remember to-- Read at least 100 sites on Emotional Abuse.

    Abuse causes pain mistaken as mental problems- Cutting, OCD etc. Psychiatrists commit fraud in that all disorders are only emotions. For chemical imbalances NO test exists. You dont have what shrinks say you have. Dont tell abusers about any so called disorders. They will only drug you.

    Jesus name and forgiving others who are wrong is important along with avoiding them.

    Call or I can- Child Protective Services- Transitional housing to age 21- tell your teacher. Dont tell your parents they wont listen.

    Learn the truth, forgive, and Get Away from them. Read websites daily on Emotional Abuse.

    I have some questions for you if want to talk about it.

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    I'm sure he didn't mean it he was probably very angry but I"m sure he loves you and will get over it.

    But if he hit you that is absolutely unacceptable! He might have anger management issues or something. You should notify your mother or a trusted adult. Perhaps a counselor at school or another family member because that is child abuse and is very dangerous.

    PLEASE TEL SOMEONE for you own well-being its the best thing to do. he might just need to see a therapist so he can learn to express his anger in a healthy way instead of hurting you.

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    Absolutely not . It was a heat of the moment statement and I'm sure after he said it he wanted to take it back. In today's world there are so many problems for adults and some people have to vent and I'm sorry to say they take it out on offspring even though they don't deserve it.Keep your chin up I'm sure there are better days ahead for all of us.

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    Well, for one thing that's big time child abuse! You need to ell your mom or a family friend about this. I'm sure he was just mad and didn't know what to do but that still is NO excuse. Make sure you tell someone as fast as you can but don't do it in front of your dad.

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    He hit you? Ummm yea.. that is not okay. Tell your mother. No your dad doesn't hate you. Sometimes when people are mad they say things they don't mean. It's sad and hurts feelings tho. I know how you feel.

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    What were you fighting about? Where did he hit you and how hard did he hit you? I am sure your Dad was angry and sometimes we do and say things that we don't mean when we are angry. Please provide more details.

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    9 years ago sorry but ur dad sound like a as..idk sorry i cant help

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