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Wat will my dad say?......?

So my dad Says I can't txt my friends but my friend had my number and she said hi soo I said hi back and then we had a conversation and my dad said he can see my txt msgs even If I delete the msg is it true can they wat should I tell my dad he'll kill me when he gets the mail from t-mobile wat should I say do HELP!!!!!

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    say that my friend texted me first and that i just got a little caught up with her. i dont actually think that he can read your messages. I guess he was just trying to scare you.

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    Hes just trying to scare u im pretty sure he cant read em unless he puts out something to get them and if he does just deal with it Ive gone through worse than that and thinking i was gonna get the asskickin of a life time and only getting a simple talking to to tell me i messed up

  • Anonymous
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    The best thing to do is talk to him about it. Tell him that you want trust and that you promise him that you won't do anything he would not approve on. Probably one of the biggest things he wants you to be afraid of doing are sexting or talking dirty with someone.

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    Get your own phone then you can text as much as you want.

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