What is driving test route for Redding , Ca, DMV .?

I want to know route for driving test of Redding Ca , DMV . I will be taking test soon in week and i want to get familiar with that route . I don't want to pay extra to driving school just to know route . Pls solve my query ASAP. Thank u in advance .

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    There are usually more than one in bigger cities. I took mine in Fremont, CA and failed in a residential area! I didn't know there was a side street on a curved road (no signs, and neither had a yield or stop sign). Then I went to the tulare/ hanford/ visalia area, where I'm from and did ok. We just drove enough to go into a residential area (behind the DMV) to pull over then back up so far without hitting the curb, then back in front of the DMV and make a big square around town and she just asked me to get into the right lane, back into the left... then made 2-3 more left turns and back to the DMV. i "passed" and got my license...

    Basically, even if your a terrible driver like me: 5 speeding tickets, 2 accidents, and 8 parking tickets... you just might do well if you know your own stomping grounds.

    PS.. i also failed my written test 5 years later and they gave that to me too. Both behind the wheel i made a dangerous maneuver when I was 18.

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    Redding Ca Dmv

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    Dmv Redding Ca

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