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Is my 15 month old behind?

I'm very sorry this is a long post. Please read only if you don't mind such a long post! Please don't criticize.. I'm writing this just because I am anxious and have nobody to turn to.

After talking to a few friends who are moms and have kids the same age as my son (15 months), I'm worried and wondering if my son is behind on his dev. milestones.

His pediatrician didn't think so - but then his pediatrician rarely thinks anything's wrong and has a "everything will work out in the end" attitude. But that's another story, another vent.

My son started walking independently at 14.5 months. However, he will not leave whatever he's holding onto (furniture, ledge, bed) and start walking on his own. He first needs to grab something else (like me) with one hand, and then lets go of the other, then takes a few steps and lets go of my hand and walks the rest of the way independently.

He also keeps walking till he can grab something. He does'nt stop midway. He doesn't have the confidence to let go of both his hands and start walking. He doesn't sit up from sleeping position or stand from sitting position on his own. He doesn't climb either. He tries to pick up stuff from the floor when he's standing but doesn't bend too far and hence gives up. If he doesn't get anything right (like shape sorting), he flings his toys away.

He says three words (mama, bye, peekaboo) and once in a while says the fourth word "up".

He doesn't recognize animals or shapes.

He does imitate itsy bitsy spider and five little monkeys.

I read to him and he points to pictures. But books don't hold his attention too long.

He colors, and stacks. Those are his favorite activities.

He can imitate a few things like when I say hello hello he pretends to pick up a phone, he signals 1 with his finger, points to his nose (or sufficiently close by), knows the signs for milk, all done, more and cheese. He drinks from a sippy. He knows how to eat on his own, but prefers not to most of the time. If I give him bits of cheese, he just flings the pieces across the room.

He never crawled. Went straight to walking.

I unfortunately (I hate myself for this), put him in front of the tv for half an hour or so in the morning when I need to get ready for work. He watches nursery rhymes. He wants someone in front of him all the time which is not possible if I have to get to work.

My friends talk of their 15 month olds speaking more than 10 words, climbing structures, recogniing animals and sounds, running, eat on their own etc. Should I get my son checked out?

He was born at 37 weeks and weighed 5lbs due to my gestational diabetes. He's below average for weight (he weighs 20 pounds) and just above average for height acc to his pediatrician. But he just seems small for his age. I often bump into kids at gymboree or his daycare where kids 4-5 months younger than him are much bigger. I often have people comment (very rude acc to me) how small he is.. how they thought he was 9 months at the most etc. He eats well. He was breastfed for a year till he weaned himself off. I cook healthy food for him every day. I don't know what else to do.

Is he behind? Should I get him checked out at one of those early intervention centers?

He's a happy child. He's loved. I'm just worried abt his milestones and abilities.

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    Hello my son will be 14 months in a week and he is doing a lot of what your son is doing. My son can only say three words "mama" "dada" and "dog" but will babble and he hates books, wont let me read to him and often looks at them for a second and throws them to the side. He also doesn't know shapes or anything either and often flings toys everywhere just in general. My son does climb on things and up until just 4 days ago would ONLY walk on furniture and never let go and one day he just all of a sudden did it. I wouldnt worry to much about him and I wouldnt even say he is behind. Every child develops at a different rate and it also depends boy vs girl and if they have an older sibling. My sister-in-law has a daughter (my neice) who is 3 weeks younger than my son and she has been walking for two months but hardly talks at all or anything. So it really just depends. If you are worried about him then check out your local park district and see if you can do a toddle mommy and me class. I have been looking into them for my son, they are usually once a week and you go and meet with other kids and moms and play games and do fun stuff. I am a stay at home mom and always worry my son is behind since its me and him and he is never with other kids and doesnt social much. But I have found the last couple days has been a huge turning point. He will get there, just keep working with him and your doctor is right he will come around and in the end everything evens out. Our pediatrician is the same way but we love him. I would say if he isnt walking on his own by 18 months then maybe worry a little but believe me it'll happen when you least expect it. It hard not to worry as a mom but even when they are doing everything right theres always something else that gets you thinking. I would say he sounds very typical for 15 months and they say right around 17 and 18 months is when things really progress so give him some time! :)

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    I've worked in nurseries and have seen children who are far less developed. Yes I admit he is a slow developer but that doesn't mean anything all children are different and he will catch up and could even excel in the future. Why do you hate yourself for letting him watch such a small amount of tele my son watches the bedtime hour before his bath and bedtime story he loves it and its educational and he gets enough time and attention off us all day so thats his quiet alone time :) it no harm as long as your not a tv mum who uses television as a distraction and so they dont have to spend time with their children.

    Your son will be fine if he's doing what he is then it shows he is capable of learning so that shows that most probably there isn't anything seriously wrong.

    Also have you checked what they are doing at his daycare it could be something they are doing maybe not offering enough encouragement or oppertunity for him to develop better. When woking in nurseries you find that some children thrive in one setting but not in another. Maybe speak to them and if needs be try a different nursery.


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    Give him another month or 2. If he cant by 18 months walk or talk much, You may want to get him checked just in case.

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