What is anti-corruption?

I am reading this article saying something about anti-corruption protesters who wanted some anti-corruption laws. I am so confused. I need to write a summary about it.

Thanks in advance!

Also, what is anti-graft?

And what is a hunger strike? Sorry, I am just not familiar with these terms!

PS: i ask this but I put it in a wrong category.

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    Under the assumption that this is a serious question, I'll answer in a serious mien.

    Corruption in the US usually refers to fraud and to the use of political power or influence for financial gain. In the 1980's, internal corruption nearly destroyed the savings and loan industry when Congress altered their rules of operation. They freed banks and small S&L's to "buy" federally-insured deposits from other banks. They then lent them out, often to people and projects who had no intention of completion or repaying the loan. This cost the federal treasury between $200 and $400 billion. It also taught the thieves how to scale up.

    This technique of internal corruption was executed on a massive scale from about 1998 through 2008. Newly-freed from the strictures of Glass-Steagall, banks were able to acquire investment arms and embark on a huge wave of essentially corrupt activities. Again the deposits they used were guaranteed, as were the mortgages they diced and traded. The massive profits they generated went to the principals and traders in the banks while the losses are being paid by you and me. These practices not incidentally threatened to bring down the entire global financial structure.

    Graft is a specific form of corruption in which a person in public position engages in bribery or contract fraud to enrich himself.

    Anti-corruption and anti-fraud statutes tend to put in place auditing controls and practices that prevent or limit the possibility of corruption and graft from taking place.

    And a hunger strike is just that: a person who is loved and admired starves himself until an objective is achieved. In the movie Ghandi, for instance, Gandhi undergoes a hunger strike for as long as the Moslem-Hindu rioting and killing went on, only ending it when both factions laid down their arms.

    Of course, if this wasn't a serious question then I'd say that anti-corruption was a salve used in cases of flesh-eating fasciitis. When you think about it, it's almost the same thing.

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