What is anti-corruption?

I am reading this article saying something about anti-corruption protesters who wanted some anti-corruption laws. I am so confused. I need to write a summary about it.

Thanks in advance!


Also, what is anti-graft?

Update 2:

And what is a hunger strike? Sorry, I am just not familiar with these terms!

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    Corruption is un law ful source of income earned through back door channel. It damages the entire constitutional structure ranging from top to bottom authorities. This ruins the growth of nation and damages the purpose of government. when the corrupt gain the access over bureaucrats, the political machinery become puppet in the hands of corrupt. this upsets the economy, enhances the crime rate, partiality besides political turmoil. injustice will rule the Nation and people have to suffer from this devilish culture.

    Hunger strike is one of the non violence tool to protest against un law ful activities or demanding the lawful rights from government so as to draw the attention of concerned authorities to take action or justify the demands.

    Corruption majority is in existence and hunger strike has become mockery. hunger strike benefits over weight. inquiries on corrupt benefit the culprit since the inquiry finds all hidden wealth sources and accounts. It is granted and assured white money because the corrupt will buy the government and gets the inquiry files closed or killed.

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    Any corrupted politician or government official , should get screwed. India should become like a kingdom where the punishments should be very severe. Then only a common man should spend his life happily. I completely Support Anna Hazare. Persons who doesn't support in my understanding is a completely corrupted man and doesnt deserve to be a human being.

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    What Is Anti Corruption

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