what is this christmas movie? (will pick best answer)?

I thought of a christmas movie last night and I remember what it is about but not the name, so this is this little girl and she is in this play and she plays an angle she sees these wings in a store and really wants them but her family cannot afford them...so he brother steals them or steals money from there neighbor I can't remember that part....but is someone knows the title could you please tell me?

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    The Christmas Path (1998)

    It is about a Christmas angel played by Vincent Spano who is sent by Santa Claus to help a widow and her two young children and also stars Dee Wallace-Stone as the mother and Madalyn Sweetin as her little daughter.

    EDIT: Here's a better synopsis @ dvdempire.comhttp://www.dvdempire.com/Exec/v4_item.asp?item_id=...

    Vincent Spano stars with Dee Wallace Stone (E.T.) in this family holiday fantasy concerning a Christmas angel cast out by Santa, who gets a chance to redeem himself by restoring a young boy's faith. Widowed Jenny Banks (Stone) is struggling so hard to make ends meet that she can't afford to buy her daughter Dora (Madylin Sweeten) a pair of angel wings for her school play, so they write to Santa for help. Dora's brother Cal (Shia LaBeouf) dismisses the idea, but when his lack of faith creates a gap in the path by which Santa reaches us, Mrs. Claus (Marcia Wallace) suggests sending Balthazar (Spano) down to repair it. His powers taken away to make sure he uses only pure honesty. Balthazar has less than a week to change Cal's attitude in this warm, wise Yuletide tale, with a climax reminiscent of the classic Miracle On 34th Street.

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    I even have racked my brains for the action picture you're thinking of and the closest i ought to arise with is "Dutch". A 1991 Christmas action picture starring Ed O'Neill (Married with toddlers) as Dutch Dooley and Ethan Embry as Doyle Standish, the son of Dutch's lady buddy Natalie Standish (JoBeth Williams). The plot is Dutch volunteers to stress his girlfriends' son domicile for Thanksgiving to Chicago from his boarding college in Georgia. Little does Dutch assume the adventures he will undergo before achieving his trip spot. first of all of the youngster can no longer stand Dutch and does not approve of him for his mom. Dutch loses his automobile, his id and his money dealing with this youngster and then they stay in a glance after in a single day before the can hitch a trip domicile. interior the period in-between the two grow to be bosom pals. this won't be your action picture, even nevertheless that is an extremely close and stable one.

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    Arrgh ... driving me nuts, I know I've seen it. Do you remember any character names or actors?

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