Best email marketing course of your recommendation?

Hey, I'm starting to learn email marketing today and I really would love if you can recommend some good video training course, it will definitely speed up the process of learning, cheers.

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    9 years ago
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    Digital marketing has overtaken the traditional marketing media methods of broadcast and cable television, print publications, and radio. Today most companies market themselves through email, search engines and various other areas on the internet. Digital marketing degrees, programs, and/or certifications may be obtained through the completion of a variety of different courses offered on campus at numerous universities or through the Internet.

    Web Analytics

    A web analytics course will provide students with the ability to measure digital marketing programs effectively. By tracking and analyzing the behavior of customers as well as browsers, a web analytics course will teach ways to maximize return on investments. A variety of topics are infused within the curriculum of the course: frequency and monetary analysis of sites; site usage; keywords and search engine placement; email campaigns; and measuring unique visitors.

    Fundamentals of Marketing Management

    Fundamentals of Marketing Management serves as an introduction to the basic principles of marketing strategy-making and marketing management. In this course the student will be taught four main concepts: how to analyze a marketing problem and propose and evaluate alternative solutions; how to evaluate and prioritize information that influences marketing decisions; how to apply general marketing concepts to new situations; and how to apply quantitative analysis to help solve marketing problems. If a master's degree in digital marketing is desired, many universities will require completion of this course.

    Digital Strategy

    In a digital strategy course students will learn how a business can adapt its current marketing strategy to the latest strategy developments in Wi-Fi, online, wireless, video-on-demand, and streaming media. Online as well as offline research and discussion will take place in order for students to get an overview of digital marketing and its purpose.

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    4 years ago

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