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What do you know about Indonesia?

A country so big and mysterious it is mesmerizing, that's my opinion. Planning to explore the archipelago.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Indonesia is an island country.Consist of more than billions of islands.The most populated island is the Java island.The Java island is home to Jakarta,the capital city.Jakarta is also the most populated city in Indonesia.It is the main cenrtal of media,governments,and imported goods.Indonesia has various kinds of religions and the government recognizes Islam,Christianity,Gong Fu Chou,Buddhism,and Hinduism as the official religions.The largest religion is Islam and Indonesia holds the most Muslim community in the world.There are many tribes in Indonesia,they're unique in their own way.

    And now for the bad sides lol , Indonesia is a developing country,although there are many rich people in Indonesia,but there are far more poor people that has low income.Most cant even make $5 a day.Indonesia is also suffering corruption, bribery,and famine at some areas.Indonesia is also a bit dirty.If you have been to India/Pakistan/Nepal then you will understand what it's like in Indonesia.The majority of male Indonesians dont wash their hands after pee.There's also problems among the drivers and riders community.They're lack of ethics and patience.They honk and often misunderstand and they often disobey the rules.When lining up,you will often find people squeezing you from the back,however,this problems start to go away at urban cities like Jakarta,especially ast the higher class places.Indonesia has beautiful culture but they also have negative cultures such as jealousy,pride of wealth,and relying too much on fortune rather than working hard.White people (They call it orang bule) here are often treated as being superior which I think is not fair.As soon as they see white people,they will become very friendly and kind.Indonesians are sometimes rude but sometimes also very kind,it depends on the situation.they're usually very friendly to white peopel,customers,friends,etc.But they are a bit rude to strangers (except for white people),especially when driving.

  • 4 years ago

    unusual question i think of... the respond is definitely considered one of the ASEAN (affiliation of South East Asian countries) participants... The participants are all the South East Asia countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc... yet another us of a is Japan... so some distance as i know, Japan has very close courting with Indonesia. Japan even has a jap initiating in Indonesia for sharing custom. China and Russia isn't very close yet Indonesia has a economic courting with them. Indonesia paying for his militia kit from Russia now through fact the united statespick to place militia sanction upon Indonesia.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A better way to imagine how Indonesia is, try looking through photos of Bali Island, it's culture and popular festival events. I'm sure you'll get the idea how Indonesia would look like.

  • 10 years ago

    Republik Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world.The archipelago consisted of close to 14,000 islands and the biggest is Sumatera.A predominantly Muslim country.

    During the 12th century,many of the coastal fringes were controlled by the Srivijaya Empire,a Hindu Kingdom.You could see many of the remains like the Candi Borobudur in Yogjakarta,Candi Muara Takus near Pekan Baru in Riau Provinces,Candi Muara Jambi in Jambi and also in Kalimatan,Bali,Solo to name a few.

    The Dutch East India company has its base in Surabaya during early 19th century.

    The famous dormant volcano with a huge lake called Lake Toba near Medan is a very relaxing place.

    Near Surabaya you have the Mount Bromo crater which is a tourist attraction.

    You must also visit a mountain resort near Malang which is also known as "Switzerland of the East"---Kota Batu.You can see the Dutch influence in Malang itself with the colonial buildings and churches.It's just a two hours journey from Surabaya.

    Try the famous signature food of the Java people----"Bakso" noodles.

    It is the first Southeast Asian nation to put up a satellite in space---the Palapa satellite.

    In order to cover the whole archipelago,you should start with Kalimantan in the island of Borneo,then to Sulawesi followed by a ferry to Bali Island and then on your great adventure of beautiful Indonesia begins.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Sama sama aditya

    I love that every island is like going into a new country.

    Java is 25 minutes away from Bali but the houses, the people, the colours, the foods, the smells, the traffic, the dress everything is so different. You are going from Hindu - Muslim

    but then you go from Surabaya to Madura and again a new country oly 15 minutes awya its wonderful

  • i born in iindonesia and im indonesian also. i know al ot about indonesia, indonesia has lots with unique culture. but, i dont like corruption in indonesia, its like cancer. its so beautiful and the people is nice

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  • 10 years ago

    They had a war with Britain in 1962. They got shot a lot.

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