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Israeli legalizes murder if its a Palestinian protester past a thin red line Do you support these measures?

Thin Red Line: Israel allows shooting at Palestine protesters

Israel allows security forces to shoot at Palestinian protesters who are preparing to march in support of their bid for statehood at the UN later this month. Tel Aviv claims its trying to prevent bloodshed by arming settlers in the West Bank for self-defence.

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You are talking about armed to the teeth soldiers with a green light to open fire with machine guns on civilians in a legal protest because some of them might go past a thin red line -- Or if someone just claimed they went past it

If Obama -- or Bush -- or Harper or Cameron did that -- would your feelings stay the same -- or would you claim we are somehow different from them so it doesn't count ?

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So your story is -- a protest of civilians who are waiting for the permit to become valid on a certain date will be let out of their guarded encampments that are occupied by Israel for a demonstation will be storming out -- after their pat down -- and run up at high speed against machine guns armed with whatever the Israeli soldiers let them keep in an attempt to take over the nation

Thats your story -- ?

- you know right after the prisoners of the occupation are allowed their protest when it becomes valid on the date of use -- and are pattend down -- video taped investigated with background checks run on all of the participants -- and they take over Israel by force will they march on China armed with pencil sharpeners next ?

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    The US had "free-fire zones" in Vietnam -

    Inside those areas, all men, women and children were considered legitimate targets.

    And the US shot them, shelled them, bombed them, rocketed them, napalmed them & strafed them.

    US policy in Iraq is no better:

    Why are you bitching about Israel?

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    To do so is rank hypocrisy.

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    This Arab and Israeli business is getting very very old. There never was a Palestinian nation nor people called that. Until Britain decided to pick up that regions control. After WWI. It was once a part of the Ottoman Empire. The area was called the British mandate area. from WWI to pots WWII. Britain and Britain alone had the opportunity to end any dispute before it even began. The situation is now one that has only 3 possible solutions,

    1. Israel takes control of entire disputed area. Granting citizenship to "Palestinians". IE no more artificial dispossessed Arabs.

    2. The Arabs take complete control. Where Israel is no more and it's citizens become Palestinians, A truly new nation called Palestine.

    3. Israel is dissolved and the region is properly and naturally divided amongst the bordering nations. Which is what should have happened in the first place. But, Britain just HAD to keep it's agreement with the Zionist movements.

    Personally? A bit sick of cleaning up the world from Britain and France's machinations. Cold War, Vietnam, Israel, etc...Allies like them? Who needs enemies?

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    the biggest problem is not peaceful civilian demonstrators but the Gunmen and Suicide bombers that may use that peaceful demonstration to allow them to get close enough for a successful attack

    everybody who comments , with extremely few exceptions, is biased one way or another

    in reality both sides have committed atrocities under the umbrella of war neither side is innocent and neither side is guilty

    the surrounding Arab nations are as to blame as the people in Israel, the West Bank , and the Gaza Strip. many of those nations will happily provide guns , ammunition and explosives to the refugee camps but will not provide anything to make the camps a better place to live or anything that will enable those refugees to move to permanent settlements. they allow the suffering to continue to breed discontent and hatred that bears another generation of inflamed terrorists

    Israel allowing security forces to protect their country is legitimate

    much more legitimate than allowing suicide bombers and gunmen to invade a neighbouring country

    much more legitimate than allowing rockets to be fired at your neighbour from inside your borders

    one commenter indicated Britain set up Israel giving them the upper hand

    actually just before departing the region before Israel declared Independence Britain confiscated every weapon they could find in Jewish hands leaving the weapons of the Arabs in Place

    spare us the Crap about Britain favouring the Jews

    the real key to this mess in the Middle East is Oil in the persian Gulf

    if Cold Fusion reactors became available by the end of the year by the end of next year the world would have little need for oil and would have zero interest in the middle east except for those who had relatives or other business interests there

    Both the arab nations and israel milk that outside interest for everything they can get out of it

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    Yup, I sure do.

    If the rules are clearly defined and a paleswine protester chooses to ignore them, oh well....

    They have demonstrated a willingness to strap bombs to themselves and detonate them in order to kill as many Israelis as possible so don't let them anywhere near Israeli citizens. Stay behind the thin red line and you'll be fine.

    As far as I'm concerned, the order should be "Shoot to kill on sight", but in this day and age that will never happen. So if you cross the line, you get the gun will have to do.

    I hope the Israelis have been doing a lot of target practice lately.

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    It has been a very long time since I supported anything Israel has done. I spent two tours in the Sinai helping to monitor the Camp David Accord ( Protocol Concerning Israeli Withdrawal and Security Arrangements) and saw first hand the conditions that the Palestinians were living under. I do not support Israel.

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    It is self defense. Palestinians cause school buses and cafes to explode. Israel is using incredible restraint in the face of daily invasion by a group of people that even the other Arab nations won't take.

    Source(s): So, if an "armed to the teeth" soldier tells you not to go past a line, and you are merely a protester, then would you cross that line? If you did, then you'd deserve what you'd get. If the US was being invaded daily (not just immigration, but civilians being blown to pieces by a particular group), then I would demand that Obama implement tough measures, and would only have a problem if he did NOT care enough about his people to do what Israel is doing.
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    As many others here have said, if you KNOW that you will be shot crossing a line, then WHY would you cross the line?

    Israel has a right to defend itself... period.

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    Yes I do, there were Palestinians who celebrated after September 11

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    It doesn't sound at all like self defense to me, it sounds like preparation.

    Imagine if that would have happened in London? I dread to think how many mourners there would be. But this is potentially different, in London, the riots were breaking the law.

    If this protest is peaceful, shooting them down is murder, simple.

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    8 years ago

    Who cares.

    I am sick of hearing about Israel and Palestine. They will kill each other until the end of time and beyond.

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