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Pittsburgh Univeristy/Moving to Pittsburgh?

I'm a senior in high school, considering going to Pitt Univeristy next fall. I've checked out some of the residence halls and the Towers seem decent. I'm not from PA, I currently live in Akron, Ohio.

So, I was just wondering if anyone that goes to Pitt/Lives in the Litchfield Towers could tell me how it is and how you like living in Pittsburgh?

Also, the kinds of things there are to do in that area.


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    Well, first, I would say the University of Pittsburgh is a great university to consider.

    You know, the Pittsburgh has many colleges, universities and research facilities. The most well known ones just include the University of Pittsburgh, not to mention the Litchfield Towers. It is both the largest and tallest dormitory at the University of Pittsburgh. In general, the school is fantastic, the campus is gorgeous. You can check the reviews of the university for more info.

    As for Pittsburgh, definitely is it a nice place to live. The city is made one of the most naturally scenic cities in the nation, due to its unique combination of bridges, steep hill and broad rivers. Plus, there are many nice towns and suburbs in the Pittsburgh area. You know, Pittsburgh has been rated the most livable city in the U.S. twice.

    If you are a sports lover, Pittsburgh is great for you. The city is home to three major league sports teams, including Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins. Besides major pro teams in baseball, football and hockey, college sports are also very big in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is definitely a great sports town.

    As for weather in Pittsburgh, it is generally changeable, with four distinct seasons. Summers there are hot and humid, while winters are cold and snowy. For me, I best months I love in Pittsburgh is late spring, late summer or early fall.

    A great aspect of the city is that housing for most areas of Pittsburgh is ridiculously affordable. The locals are amazingly friendly. In addition, cheap food and beer also abound in the city. The city also has a small light rail system and a dedicated busway system.

    I think you will love this beautiful city and nice university.

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    1. Affordable yes, one of the most affordable for its size and geography.

    2. Mostly safe yes; but stay away from areas like East Liberty(where I grew up), Homewood, the Hill, parts of the North Side, West End and some of the neighborhoods above the South Side. Your best best, since you'll want a car anyway, is to live in the Suburbs; try Mt. Lebanon and South, and if you like real suburban, try the newly developed far North Hills.

    3. Yes, you got it right again. I read somewhere, and I no longer live in the Pittsburgh area but was raised there, that

    Pittsburgh gets more cloudy days than any major city than Seattle in the Pacific Northwest.

    4. Yeah, they have a light rail subway that is growing all the time, but you'll need a car unless you want to live in the

    inner city, which we already established is not all that safe, unless you have the kind of money needed to separate yourself from the problem; such as is the case anywhere.

    5. When I went to Pittsburgh Public Schools they were great, but a declining population has meant less tax-based funding and well, you know the rest. Some of the suburban schools are good; try Mt. Lebanon, and as far as universities, Pitt and Carnegie Mellon and Duquesne and great, as are Point Park and Chatham, and for a city its size Pgh. is fat with colleges.

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