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What do military recruiters look for in potential solider?

My father was a U.S. solider in Army. I'm influenced for a number of reasons to become a solider. I do have one big question for current and former soldiers about what recruiters would like to see in potential soldiers. I do not know how to shot a gun or use a weapon. Would they teach me how use a gun properly? Please help me out! I appreciate your time answering my question.

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    8 years ago
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    the us military needs men and women that are;

    -physically fit. (

    -quick learners. (not required but helps a ton)

    -able to follow directions.

    -able to spend long periods of time away from family.

    -comfortable with traveling.

    -able to adapt easily to different situations.

    -patient. (you just can't stress this one enough)

    -healthy. (some physical ailments you might be able to get a waiver for. talk to your recruiter)

    - non-criminals (you might be able to get a waiver for this also. talk to your recruiter)

    -willing to fight for the u.s. at all times.

    -patriotic. (if your not patriotic, don't join the military)

    depending on what branch and mos (job) you enlist for, firing a weapon may not be essential to your mos. if it is, then you will be taught the proper procedures early on.

    *wow great answer from the scout. couldn't agree more.

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    Hello John.

    The job of a recruiter is to sign you up and process your paperwork. They don't get to pick and choose on their own judgment as to who to accept or reject for the Army.

    You "military resume" to enter the Army is your ASVAB test scores.

    If you are a smart person you will GO to the book store in the mall and buy a practice for the ASVAB workbook. Work 15 pages a day for 30 days and you will complete the 450 page book. It only costs less than $20.

    From your scores you will either pass the AFQT or not. And, your Army MOS (job) will be determined by your ASVAB Line Scores. The ASVAB book will explain it.

    Of course, the medical people at the MEPS have to certify that you are healthy enough to even be IN the Army.

    That is what we look for.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Son, we will teach you how to fire a weapon! Don't you worry about that. It is all about "breathing control!"

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 – 1989 Illinois Probation Officer of 12 years: 1989 - 2001 A.A. Liberal Arts: Chapman University: 1978 A.A.S. Ground Radar Technology: Community College of the Air Force: 1978 B.S. Government and Political Thought; University of Maryland; 1982 Graduate Studies: Public Administration: Governors State University: 1993
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    The recruiter's job is just that: to recruit. After that, all he does is drive you to MEPS and say goodbye. Just about anybody who is physically and mentally healthy can join the Army.

    The real question is what MOS you want. Do you want to kick doors in? Infantry or cavalry scouts. Do you want to drive up a road in an MRAP looking for IEDs? Combat Engineer. Do you want to sit at a desk all day? Go to college, your life will be a LOT more enjoyable.

    You'll hear a lot of talk about how this guy did this and that, but it really depends on what unit you're in if you're gonna pull 12 hour guard shifts or actually go out and do something, or even deploy at all. It's luck of the draw for the first 2 years, after that you can choose what unit you want to be in.

    When you watch videos of the army training and kicking doors in, you start to think it's like that every day. It's not at all. Guess what we do every day? Guard shifts where nothing ever happens. We eat crappy food that makes you fart and poop sludge, you're sober and not getting laid for a full year, and the list goes on. Then when something does happen, it's happens in just a few seconds, and a few friends make it out of an IED or mortar attack out of pure luck. You don't even see the enemy (in one case a suicide bomber), but the person who did in another truck froze up and decided not to shoot and narrowly dodged his friends getting massacred in the explosive result. And then the boredom continues for weeks, months on end. You'll spend 12 hours straight just listening to radios through the night, fighting sleep.

    I'll tell you one thing, you will definitely learn discipline. Never be late, don't fall asleep after being up for 27+ hours straight, doing monotonous, endless tasks assigned to you...

    It's not all it's hyped up to be. I'd recommend going to college and enjoying all of that sweet lovin' and partyin' that we all miss overseas.

    And if any military in the world required you to be able to "shot a gun" before joining, we'd have a big crisis. Every soldier in the military learns basic rifle marksmanship. And all of basic training (or OSUT) you will be carrying an M4 or an M16 with you, cleaning it, etc.. It's really simple.

    Source(s): Active duty US army Cavalry Scout
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    They look for a person without any convictions of a felony. Someone who will be able to pass all the processes at MEPS. It's not like they judge you on the spot deciding whether or not you will be a good Soldier. Yes they will teach you how to shoot a gun in BCT.

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    Army Recruiters look for qualified applicants. 8 out of 10 people are disqualified for the Army. Some for being over-weight, medical, too many law violations and various other reasons. Your Drill SGT will be the one responsible to show you how to fire a weapon and many other things.

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    You don't have to be a soldier to know that they will take just about anyone who will walk in, given that they can pass the relatively easy physical and psych standards. Basically, they just want to make sure your head is on mostly straight, and will be able to endure physical and emotional stress. It really isn't difficult to get in.

    However, Military life isn't for everyone. If you have any second thoughts, weigh them carefully.

    Edit: To the people who call people who join the military puppets. While I am not a soldier myself, I resent the fact that you think that soldiers are people who kill without flinching or remorse. That's disgusting. They are asked to go fight wars for us, and then we call them cold blooded killers.

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    They want someone who hasn't committed a felony, will follow orders no questions asked, and is mentally and physically fit. And they will teach you how to shoot a gun, no worries.

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    yes they will teach you to use a gun. if you wont to get into the army. just talk to a recruiter.

    they will sine you in the army. they will take almost any one. i would do more research before you get in thought.make sure you really wont to do it.

    Source(s): ex army solider
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    A person who follow orders Blindly without thinking.

    Source(s): Experience
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