I want to create a site like eHarmony. How do you create a compatibility test for a website?

I do not have programming experience but point me to the resources and I can figure it out. The site needs to be able to take the user's answers and direct them to their match. How can I do this and what's a good hosting service for this kind of social networking site, in your opinion? Serious answers only. If you don't know what xhtml is, have never heard of CS5, and don't know how to even use a CMS, do NOT answer this question.


*sorry that's CSS3

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    You would need your own servers, to start. Someone to manage those servers, 24/7.

    And lawyers.


    This is what they require for a junior matching guy. Can't tell for sure if they do the development, but take a look thru the career listings to see what you need:

    The ideal person for this position will be able to develop and maintain both user segmentation and predictive models and profiles to improve system performance; develop predictive models for key user groups to improve match satisfaction; use time series and/or regression modeling to improve forecasts; and investigate and apply cutting-edge data modeling tools and techniques (e.g., neural nets and data mining). You will leverage your knowledge of descriptive and multivariate statistical techniques and applications, database analysis tools and techniques (including SAS, SQL, and Excel). Use your organizational skills to facilitate the coordination and completion of multiple and varied projects, as well as written and oral communication skills to allow for clear and concise presentation of conclusions and recommendations to a variety of audiences.

    Required Skills:

    B.A./B.S. in business or mathematics (preferable statistics, economics or marketing) or equivalent

    4+ years experience as a data analyst with extensive SQL expertise

    4+ years of experience with SAS, SPSS, S, S-Plus, R, RATS, SysStat, or similar statistics package

    Knowledge of visual techniques for data analysis and presentation

    Experience in the analysis of large data sets to find useful relationships across time (data forecasting)

    Strong grasp of basic statistics (the ordinary least-squares linear regression model, the ideas behind hypothesis testing/sampling distributions, and simple descriptive statistics)

    Proven experience in a customer-focused role, building relationships with key internal customers

    Ability to formulate quantitative approaches to address business questions

    Ability to complete analysis and deliver results in a timely manner

    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

    Demonstrated ability to work effectively across multiple projects

    Preferred Skills:

    MBA or MS in applied quantitative or statistical methods

    2+ years of experience in a marketing environment, including customer segmentation analysis, circulation planning, list selection, forecasting, and database management.

    This is what they require for their senior matching guy:

    Essential duties and responsibilities:

    Sr. Matching Researcher - Machine Learning Emphasis will develop, design, or create new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products, including artistic contributions. More specifically, Sr. Matching Researcher will perform following duties:

    (1) Design, develop and implement matching models, using PERL, JAVA/SCALA and/or other core development tools.

    (2) Formulate mathematical models of matchmaking problems to be solved by parallel clusters of computers

    (3) Develop quantitative predictive models with collaborative and social components and apply such models in a networked context to optimize relevant metrics.

    (4) Support analytics for QA, engineering and downstream BI.

    (5) Collaborate with academics on finding solutions to matching and machine learning problems.

    Qualification and Special Skills Required:

    Ph.D. or foreign equivalent in Informatics or computer related degrees + 18 months of experience as a consultant researcher/computer researcher with practical machine learning applications using (un/semi) supervised learning in the context of online dating or similar domain required. Proficiency in hadoop, hive and knowledge of social networks and graph optimization techniques required.

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    Go to w3schools, they have tons of resources on web programming, but beware, your path is long and treacherous one and will most likely never take off. For a full blown website like eHarmony they have a team of developers not just one guy. But, you can still do it, just be aware of what you are going into, its not that simple for a beginner.

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    Possibly yes

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    I think your a terrible person cause rosie o donald is a les and that makes you one ha ha.

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