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Out of these wheels, which would be best for me?

I've been street skating for a year. I want a longboard for cruising, and want to start getting into sliding. I want speed, and to be able to turn corners without my wheels sliding out (but eventually get into sliding). Which wheel (out of these) would be best for me?

Orangatang Stimulus - 70mm, 83a

Abec 11 ZigZags - 70mm, 78a

Abec 11 ZigZags - 70mm, 80a

Abec 11 Zigzags - 70mm, 83a

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  • Ryan D
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    8 years ago
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    Abec11 ZigZags in 80a is a nice slide wheel once you break it in.

    I also recommend Abec11 Flashbacks 81a as a good all around wheel. As look at Sector 9 Race Formula wheels. I have the 70mm Offset ones in 80a and they are great slide wheels that also grip on those tight corners!

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