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Would you read this spider poem, *Annabelle* and C/C it?


my mind drifted upwards to a day not long ago

when I spied her hanging nonchalant

from head to tippy toes

She wore a vest of yellow trimmed neatly

on the edges

eight skinny legs decked out in leotards

of black and ochre stripes

in a web built with precision, where shards

of light glistened on the dew

The first time that I saw her in her

black patina boots

I took my camera out, in the early morn

to shoot,

Guarding me both day and night

she kept a steady vigil until

one day a vigilante tore

apart her home

I mourned the loss of Isabelle

I thought a bird had got her

but then was pointed out to me

by neighbors nephew, smiling

that she had moved

built a new home

within my shrubbery

Alas, one day, she went away

I hoped to meet her children

I think however they were

lost in that great wind

and spread across the township

looking for a place

where they could build a wondrous

web ... within a family raise

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    In the poem you call her Isabelle, but the title is Annabelle. I think you had both in mind, as happens to all of us at times, but I think you should decide on one.

    Your poem reminds me of the movie about the pig who is saved by the spider. It is just wonderful.

    I love your colorful imagery; you made her visible to me. I felt your heart in this poem very strongly.

    Thanks for sharing this delightful poem.


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    I so love this and so missed the Spider chronicles, and I'm so happy to see this, even thru some sad passages.

    I never gave her a name, my guilt rides

    but she webbed me the most delicate surprise

    even after storms had taken the lace she wove

    I knew her art was a treasure trove.

    I reached out my hand one day,

    she jumped and we touched in a special way

    tickled me as she explored testin

    came back to my palm restin

    I think she waved as she jumped again

    "Hope to see ya again my friend"

    I know this is childlike memory, but I have always enjoyed Spiders.

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    I like your poem, because it is a sentimental recounting. The concept of the last strophe-message is nicely covered. This is careful, Indian - like, with allegories and such..My Annabelle left me when I got ship-wrecked near Marianne islands. many years ago.. Send post - cards to the great wind, he will answer, I think.. Nice work, friend, nice work..

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    Your story is a bit impersonal I want to feel what you feel make the world understand what your thinking so they also can be inspired by what you are feeling. Good GOD put your Heart into it and make this poem one all will remember no matter who they are, good luck on writing this poem one more time.

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    Nice imaginative poem!

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    8 years ago

    Aww spidee family.

  • doe
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    8 years ago

    Well someone has to love them and they are lucky it's you. Sweet little webkins.

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    Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe.

  • wow this is really good and so sweet! im guessing you like spiders? keep writing.

    help me pleasee?;_ylt=Apr8w...

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