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how can i make a dc to ac power inverter out of an ac to dc converter?

i would like to know how to make a dc to ac inverter out of an ac to dc converter?

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    You probably could if you had a lot of time on your hands and a large supply of low voltage high current power FET's such as the IRFZ44 and a handful of high voltage moderate current power FETs such as the IRF630. If you're harvesting parts, APC UPS's will have suitable transistors and are likely to only have dead batteries. You'll want larger heat sinks for continuous use. One inverter transformer that I disassembled used copper foil instead of wire for the primary.

    The resource below is from someone who has spent far more time on power inverter circuits than I have and includes a reverse engineered schematic of a commercial product that appears to be accurate.


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    The amps. what's the Watts score of the converter Vs the Dremel? If is AC, the Dremel is an induction motor as a result has a beginning cutting-edge. The Amps is going intense and the Voltage is going low like a short circuit for a short 2d. Now it journeys it. that should be too. i will declare the Inverter does not produce adequate Watts. Watts=cutting-edge(amps) X Volts On AC there is a few referred to as capability element. so so you might work out Amps X Volts X PF it rather is a million as suited 0 as fairly sucks! See what's the output, Volts, Amps, Watts and what the Dremel makes use of on Volts, Amps and Watts. The inverter has to have an stronger Watts output than the Dremel desires.

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    You can't. AC to DC is easy. DC to AC needs an invertor. Buy one at whatever big box store is in your area.

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