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My weight is out of control?

Since I started my job a year ago i have gained 50 pounds. I know its extreme, but somehow the kids, the husband, the house and all the deadlines were more important than taking control of my weight. When I realized I had gained 10, 15, then 20 pounds...I "interfered". I stuck t healthy eating for a week (at most) then the hunger was too much and if I go hungry I get migraines and I cant afford those bc they make me feel dizzy, nauseous and miserable and then i cant even drive home.i work over 50 hrs a week including weekends. i work 3 different shifts: 9 to 6pm, 10 to 7pm, or 11 to 8pm. So that being said I cant eat at the same time evey day. breakfast is a hassle since i have to get the kids ready and i have no time. if i grab something on the go and its early in the morning i al ways remain hungry...breakfast never fills me up, it only makes me feel worse.This is a nightmare. I look at myself in the mirror and i feel like crying. When i shower or change, i don't even recognize myself. i cant enjoy anything anymore. i am 5'3", 27 years old, and 200 pounds. i also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis so exercise is also a guessing game. please help, only SERIOUS help. i know im also overeating to deal with the stresses of my high pressure job, my failing marriage and my dying mother....i just want to rescue myself first.

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    9 years ago
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    First, you have to find a way to put your foot down about changing shifts. That is extraordinarily hard on anyones body and your boss knows this. Don't let hem abuse you and tell them you can only work one shift, no changing around due to your arthritis , health and family. If at all possible, do that.

    Next, for the hunger pains and unbelievable appetite it sounds , that is the feeling of too high blood sugar and with yur now being overweight, you probably have that, on yur way to diabetes. You have to control that and get your weight down, so that will correct itself. If you can afford these supplements I know they work to get your blood sugar back down and keep it steady (blood sugar should be between 75/80 and 95 at all times)

    Glucosolve by 27.99/28$ per month and/or

    Gluco-sure at 39.95/mth 3mths 109. 6mths 219.00 with a SIX month money back guarantee.

    These two products work as well as or better than the best medicine, which is metformin. for pre diabetes, high blood sugar.

    For the arthritis pain, get Soothanol X2 also at for near immediate pain relief lasts 24hrs+ 1-800-913-2592 to order and questions

    Then , to stop inflamation Custom Elixir Cool at and lots more great info there.

    For any lasting pain , get a hand held TENS machine and apply it to pain, it kills it

    For a healing session, around 100$

    LIsten, I've been there. You are benefiting from a lot of pain, research and trials.

    Oh, yeah, your final benefit, go to a health food store that sells homeopathic medicine, the little blue tubes with white pills in them. Look for or ask for nat.mur 30x and belladonna30x. carry them with you at all times and take 5 pills each under the tongue(let them dissolve) at the first sign o a migraine. None of this waiting, it only takes a short time to work and stop a migraine in its tracks.

    Now, with your blood sugar in control (this is vERY important or yu will get diabetes an worse, and they have nothing to heal you in medicine) , you will lose your cravings for food and begin to get your body back down.

    You must eat right, dump aLL sugar/sodas, carbs, potatoe chips, all the fun stuff until you make a healthy diet that is fun. You must do this.

    You can get some squeeze lemon juice in those yellow lemon containers, and get some natural substiture STEVIA sugar packs and make your own delicious lemon juice instead of sodas. You could use lime also.

    Anyway, with the SoothanolX2 you can then start walking at least 30min a day, something, yu have to get going on this. Take the antiinflamation Custom Elixir Cool to begin healing.

    then with the regular schedule, your body can begin to heal. Be sure to do the HRT (hormone replacement therapy), because that is healing some people of arthritis , reversing it , really.

    Drink Chamomile tea, steep two bags 1/2 hr b4 bed to sleep , make the room as dark as possible, keep it cool.

    that should get you on the way, to healing,

    for the rest in healing your arthritis, go to and look at their eating advice. they are all doctors, wright is a well known healer, not just doctor, what doctors should be.

    You can heal. This is your challenge. You just benefitted from years of pain, trials, research , with things I know work and will help yu heal. For any emotional baggage, or even pain ofr any kind, here is a free self healing version of a powerful tool click on'get started free' or therapists at

    You could also try this healing method known to help some people for around 100$ persession,

    So, at least appreciate and try this, because I just showed yu how to get out of your predicament and get your life back.

    Please pass it forward, i think someone else would charge thousands for this info. best wishes.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you have any vacation time available from your job, I'd get someone to care for your kids for a week and go to a detox facility. There, you will be juicing, working out, doing yoga, and getting massages, using a sauna and hot tub if you want. Plus, you will get the rest it looks like you need right now from all the stresses in your life. I know the owner and I actually detoxed myself there last year for 7 days. Lost 12#. You can go for longer than a week. Visit to check it out.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Maybe try talking to a nutrionalist or a therapist! It could help because binge eating is also an eating disorder

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