University of South Alabama?

I was just wanting to hear from anyone who went to USA.


Overall experience?

Small campus vs. large campus?

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    8 years ago
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    I did not go to the USA, although the school was my second choice...

    The physical campus is large. There are several rolling hills and it is well wooded. It is a nice-looking campus.

    South Alabama is a solid academic school. It is, obviously, not Harvard or, even, Ohio State or Michigan. Within the state of Alabama, it does not have the cachet of Alabama or Auburn, although I personally think the academics at South are just as good as at Alabama or Auburn. But, it is a very solid school and your degree from South will allow you to do anything you want. While the school is not currently competitive in the sense of winning a national championship in sports, the teams are competitive within the Sun Belt Conference. South Alabama recently started a football team, which will become a full Division IA (FBS) school next year. In their first two years of existence, the Jags have won all 18 of their games.

    It is located in Mobile, Alabama, which is the second-largest city in Alabama and a port city. And Mobile has most of the amenities that a city with a couple hundred thousand residents can expect. The city is close to the beach. Within an hour or so away are the casinos of Biloxi and Gulfport, both in Mississippi, which bring in a lot of nationally-known entertainment acts, and about two hours away is New Orleans and the French Quarter.

    My overall impression of South is positive. It's a Ford and not a Lincoln Continental, but Fords do just as well as Continentals and cost a whole lot less...

  • 3 years ago

    whats up, except you're a sturdy ole Southern boy and go with to proceed to be comparable, a minimum of flow to a sturdy college interior the South... U of Georgia. My factor is that your others on the checklist are ok for a destiny life interior the South the place custom and contacts trump high quality numerous the time. of path, a scholar can artwork difficult and study everywhere, yet once you desire a level that folk appreciate out contained in something of the international, you have basically one decision on your checklist, U Ga. I taught as a professor at U Ga and know it has the money to mount sturdy classes. So go with that. whether, going to a right branch in a middling college is likewise a great decision. you will would desire to evaluate right down to the dep. point to get that information and any college could have an extremely dazzling branch of something or different interior of a so-so average college.

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