Gay romance novels,books or audio books?

Well after hearing "The Paris Letter" by Jon Robin Baitz (which was awesome).

Are there novels or books or audio books with gay romance?

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    Hey, there a several really good ones I can recommend:

    1. Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon

    (he's my absolute fav. writer (in this genre) so far; the romance part in these series develops through all 5 books):

    #1 Fatal Shadows

    #2 A Dangerous Thing

    #3 The Hell You Say

    #4Death Of A Pirate King

    #5 The Dark Tide

    2. Life Lessons Series by Kaje Harper:

    #1 Life Lessons

    #2 Breaking Cover

    3. Tigers & Devils by Sean Kennedy

    4. Promises by Marie Sexton

    5. Admit One by Jenna Hilary Sinclair

    6. Strawberries For Dessert by Marie Sexton

    7. Zero At The Bone by Jane Seville

    8. Horizons by Mickie B. Ashling

    9. Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton

    10. Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling

    11. Shades Of Gray by Brooke McKinley

    12. A Matter Of Time Vol. 1 - 4 by Mary Calmes

    13. Mexican Heat by Laura Baumbach & Josh Lanyon

    14. L.A. Series by P.A. Brown

    #1 L.A. Heat

    #2 L.A. Mischief

    #3 L.A. Boneyard

    #4 L.A. Bytes

    #5 Bermuda Heat

    15. True North by Bethany Brown & Ashlyn Kane

    16. Out Of The Pocket by Bill Konigsberg

    17. I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier by Crystal Rose

    18. Keeping Promise Rock (#1) by Amy Lane

    (#2: Living Primises, #3: Making Promises)

    19. PsyCop Series by Jordan Castillo Price:

    #1 Among The Living

    #2 Criss Cross

    #3 Body & Soul

    #4 Secrets

    #5 Camp Hell

    #6 GhosTV

    20. One Of Those Days by Zathyn Priest (Short)

    21. Mahu: A Hawaiian Mystery - Series by Neil S. Plakcy:

    #1 Mahu

    #2 Mahu Surfer

    #3 Mahu Fire

    #4 Mahu Vice

    #5 Mahu Blood

    22. Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger

    23. Faith, Love, & Devotion Series by Tere Michaels:

    #1 Faith & Fidelity

    #2 Love & Loyalty

    #3 Duty & Devotion

    24. Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

    25. The Tin Star by J.L. Langley

    26. Trust Me by Jeff Erno

    27. Rules Of Engagement by L.A. Witt

    28. Caught Running by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux

    29. The Locker Room by Amy Lane

    30. The Good Thief by James Buchanan

    If that isn't enough - ;D - at you can find several lists made by users, for example:

    - "The Best of Gay Romance":

    - "Best M/M Romance Published in 2009":

    - "The Best Humorous Gay Romances":

    - "Best M/M Romance Published in 2011":


    But the books listed above are the best ones, in my humble opinion. I really dislike those m/m novels which are shallow, with a very flat or non-existent plot and which consist only of graphic and explicit sex scenes - really not my cup of tea.

    I prefer a books with an actual plot ;)

    Well, enjoy :D

    Source(s): own experience
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    Gay Audiobooks

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    Check this section of goodreads:

    They have an ebook area, too and giveaways.

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    Oh boy, ARE there! Here are a few of my favorite sites:

    Source(s): Audio: E-books (and written) (one of theirs just won the Lambda for romance...)
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