Flashdisk problem: ╨╧╬═ ? what is that?

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my father has two flashdisks, each 16 GB (Sandisk Cruzer) and 2 GB (Rundisk), both have the same problems. Both of them displays ╨╧╬═ (Cruzer) and ╨╧╬═ (Rundisk). And when i check ...show more
Update : My fathers an air force officer, and i'm worried that there are important ...show more
Update 2: and i don't want to format it
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DO NOT format it right now!!!

Well, it is almost certain your flash disk has suffered some kind of virus or trojans. how about try this:
1. Check whether the files are not in hidden mode.
Click on "Start" -->Run-->type cmd and click on OK.
Here I assume your removable drive as G:
Enter this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* (replace the letter g with your flash drive letter showed under "My Computer").
Then check if your real files will be showed.
2. If your files won't show. You have to use some strong anti-virus or anti-malware programs (like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) to eliminate the virus or trojans.

It should help you out. learn more here:


"How to Fix File Folders Become Shortcuts and Recover Data"
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  • Bartolome answered 3 years ago
    format the disk in a clean computer with an updated anti virus program that should fix it at least. that always works for me. hopethis helps
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  • blackmagic232 answered 3 years ago
    its malware
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