Need some new prog rock/metal! [:?

This genre keeps bringing me back for more.. >.<

Looking for newer ('90s+) progressive rock and metal bands!

I can't stress this enough.. NO GROWLING. ABSOLUTELY NO GROWLING. I want CLEAN vocals (cursing is fine, I'm referring to growling/screamo-type music). Thank you.

I have to say, I know.. well, most, if not all of the well-known bands.

So.. I'll just make a list. Please don't recommend any of the following bands, but you're welcome to suggest bands similar to these, for I enjoy & listen to all of them.

I'm going to add older bands, mainly because I enjoy them.. but what I'm looking for is newer and epic prog.

Abagail's Ghost, Above Symmetry, The Alan Parsons Project, Andromeda, Angra, Anthriel, Appearance of Nothing, Arena, Asia, Ayreon, Beardfish, Cairo, Captain Beyond, Circus Maximus, Coheed & Cambria, Communic, David Gilmour, The Dear Hunter, DeeExpus, Discipline, Dream Theater, echolyn, Eloy, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Fair to Midland, Fish, The Flower Kings, FramePictures, Frost*, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Glass Hammer, Haken, Hourglass, IQ, Isis, Izz, Jethro Tull, Jordan Rudess, Karmakanic, Karnivool, King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment, Magellan, Magic Pie, The Mars Volta, Mechanical Poet, Mind's Eye, Mind Key, Moon Safari, Myrath, Neal Morse, Pantommind, Pathosray, Pendragon, Peter Gabriel, Phideaux, The Pineapple Thief, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Redemption, Rick Wakeman, Rick Wright, Riverside, Roger Waters, RPWL, RX Bandits, Saint Deamon, Seventh Wonder, Shadow Gallery, Slough Feg, Souljourners, Spock's Beard, Star One, Starcastle, Styx, Subsignal, Sun Caged, Symphony X, Time Requiem, Tomorrow's Eve, Transatlantic, Vision Divine, Waterclime, YES.

-- Blackmore's Night; forgot to add this mainly because I rarely welcome female vocalists into my collection, but Ritchie Blackmore managed to sneak his way onto my collection with a female vocalist. Anything like this is also welcomed, although not progressive.


If you've suggested a band before and it's not up here, most likely I'm not really into it. Besides, I'm not looking for instrumentalist bands this time around. I want some vocals. No offense to Animals As Leaders, which.. I do enjoy, just didn't have the genre correctly tagged on my iTunes, I have it as 'Instrumental Prog' instead of 'Progressive', which is what I used to search. =o

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