Can I switch back to Yahoo Mail Classic permanently?

Yahoo seems to be blocking the option to go back to Mail Classic. When don't they say you can't switch back?

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  • 8 years ago
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    To switch back to Yahoo! Classic Mail:

    You may Either Disable Java Script or Lower Screen Resolution.

    For Browsers:

    ♦IE:: click Tools ~ Internet Options ~ Security Tab ~ click "Custom Level

    In the Scripting section, ► "Disable Active Scripting".....

    Click Apply ~ then click OK.. (restart may be required)

    ♦Firefox:: click Tools ~ Options ~ Content ~ ► UN-check Enable JavaScript.

    Click "OK"

    ♦Safari:: click Settings ~ Preferences ~ Security ~ ►UN-check Enable Java Script.

    ♦Google Chrome:: Click Options ~ Under The Hood ~ Content Settings~

    check ► Do Not Allow Any Site to Run JavaScript.

    Once Done switching to Classic Mail - Re-Enable Java Script.


    Right-Click your •Desktop ~ click Properties ~ Settings ~ Lower Screen Resolution to Lowest Setting.

    click Apply then OK.

    When you sign into Yahoo Mail, you receive a Message to Switch to Classic.

    click ►"YES"

    When Done switching to Classic Mail, Reset Your Screen Resolution.

    Best of Luck To You..Ð

  • 8 years ago

    You can switch back---as long as it's Classic (which is still available).

    Classic will remain an option for those of us currently using it AND who don't want to (or can't) use the Beta version---even tho Yahoo has removed the link to go back to it. (they want to force you to use it)

    Try this bit of trickery to (quickly and permanently) get back to Classic.

    Just lower the page "resolution" to the point where it won't support the Beta version. Go to>>your desktop and right click on it>>click on "properties">>click the "settings" tab>>and lower the resolutions>>click OK (and/or "apply").

    You "may" then be required to restart your computer.

    THEN-----Once you've gone back to your mail page ---you will be told that your resolution is too low and asked if you want to switch to Classic as the "default" or "permanently"---(NOT the "one time only").

    AFTER changing your mail page back to Classic---- GO BACK and return the page resolution to normal, (so things will continue to work smoothly.


    In Classic you will STILL get the Prompts to upgrade (for a while)---but just click "No Thanks" OR "I want to stay on Classic" (small writing bottom of page). Eventually the prompts will stop (per Yahoo).

  • 8 years ago

    Try deleting all cookies and restart your computer, then open and see if you can see the option to use Yahoo Classic. Many people are switching to Google Mail, you can transfer all your contacts, emails etc. and they re-route all yahoo mail to your new googlemail for 30 days.

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