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Horse training camp/horse whisperer?

I'm looking for a camp that I can go to for the summer or march break that will teach me to become a horse trainer or horse whisperer. I live in Ontario, Canada but anywhere in Canada I would be willing to go to. Or is there something else I can call horse training camp or horse whispering camp to narrow down searches?

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    You're not going to learn how to train a horse by going to a camp for a week, or even three months. It comes through experience. You could try going to a horse camp without the ultimate goal being 'how to train a horse,' but rather, to learn all that you can about all aspects, and ask as many questions as you can. Try getting a job as an apprentice to a horse trainer, or start taking lessons! It's not going to happen overnight (:

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    I was very much a novice rider when I first started riding cow horses on ranches. I thought these horses were trained to do what ever they were supposed to do. I was wrong. I never saw a horse whisperer per sa just a lot of horse and yellers hitters.

    The horses that were assigned to me were really dumb. Or so I thought at the time. I soon figured out that these horses were given to guys like me, novice riders. After I learned this and learned the cattle part of my job I soon became aware of something. It's not the horses fault.

    They were never properly trained because of the folks like me. So, I began to stop watching the others and started learning how to teach these horses. They were a challenge at the beginning. but I learned patience and never gave up on a horse.

    This type of horse is the one I got to enjoy riding. Because with every misguided, unwanted horse I learned something. It's never the horses fault, it's always the rider. No one ever became a horse person by riding a few horses but many, many misguided horses.

    No one horse is the same. Sometimes you may have to use another teaching method. But always teach with understanding and patience. Learn the reason behind the problem and your on you way.

  • Anonymous
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    You can certainly go to horse riding camps. But no camp, a week long, a month long, three months long, is going to be able to teach you how to train horses. It just doesn't work like that. Learning to train horses is a life-long process, because with each horse you train you have to utilize different methods of accomplishing the same task.

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    There are no horse training camps. There are CLINICS by horse TRAINERS. (there's no such thing as a horse whisperer. that's just a saying. a "horse whisperer" is simply someone who uses common sense and no force or pain).

    You have to bring your own horses and you pay thousands of dollars to learn how to train in these clinics.

    So, if you've got the money....there's people like Jonathan Fields in Canada who have them. Google his name.

    Horse camps are for children who want to learn to ride a horse. Not for adults who want to learn to train. Those are always "clinics" and they can be for weeks or months....all $$$

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    I live in North Carolina, but I offer that sort of thing.

    & Cully is correct, it does not happen overnight and it is expensive.

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