what happens if i get more money from a check than I should?

I was using Chase Mobile and was trying to deposit a check through my smartphone.

(you must take a picture of the front & back of the check)

The check is for $3 however, the app said that I entered incorrect amount and that I should enter the correct "$53" amount

What would happen if I actually deposited the $3 check and got $53 back?

What are the repercusions/chances of getting caught

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    9 years ago
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    The odds of getting caught depend on how diligently the person who wrote the check looks at their statements, and also on how carefully the bank staff monitors the transactions.

    If you get caught, then it is considered bank fraud and is a very serious matter. Chase might close your account and report it to a reporting bureau, which would make it impossible for you to open another account at a different bank.

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