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Rachel asked in Social SciencePsychology · 10 years ago

A Mental connection between a former teacher and a student?

Well its kind of a story but kind of a question to and yes it needs answers. I tried asking the same question before but people just ignored it so I am going to explain myself and make this as interesting as possible. My Mom wont send me to a Professional and I have no where to turn. My Mom also at my age had a similar issue. Now I am not Bi. I am not a lesbian I am a young girl who has an issue. Well lets jump back to when I was a little girl trying to be grown up lets say about 7th grade age 12. You know 12 year old trying to be someone their not yeah I had that problem. I try to pull off the whole goth thing I even talked my Mom into dying my hair black. I was friends with the wrong person her name was Gabby. I was also friends with to other wrong people names are McKenzie and Audra. They are fake names. Well trying to fit in got me put through hell. Well I ran to my last class of the day Math and I would cry and fight back tears because of not being excepted. My Math teacher just ignored me well so I thought. As the days in 7th grade went on I noticed my Math teacher watching me very closely after my crying sessions. I would think she was starring at me purposely to make me feel uncomfortable. Well I develop an obsession type thing over the teacher. Well it continues and as I went to 8th grade I did a complete turn around. I literally bleach my hair to its normal color and grow it out and make a style change and new friends. I loose it. I start obsession over this teacher to the point I wanted her attention. That's all I wanted from her. I don't think you call that an obsession. She would give it to me to and well I would get nervous and embarrassed when I saw her because I did not want her to know about the "Obsession" thingy. Or that I wanted her attention because she was my favorite teacher and I trusted her because the other teachers well did not notice me like she did because I am quiet and don't talk much. Everyday I would run around middle school just to get a glimpse of her. I don't know what this whole thing is at all. Well at the end of the year I stuck up my courage and went to say hi to her and I did and I felt so much better afterwords. Well in the summer currently I still well I don't want her attention anymore I just hope she remembers me when I go to Visit her in the new school year. Is there anything wrong with me? and all the names are totally fake and off the top of my head. I really want answers why I did this and why I wanted her attention. I don't get it and though that time I had a boy friend so don't even go there and I have a loving mother who cares for me too. Just what is up with this? Why her? I don't get it? Don't answer if you don't know don't answer if your going to be rude. I will report it if you do. Don't want to be mean but I have nothing to turn to and I just want to know that that was in case it happens again. I did my best ok I am only 14 and I want answers why I did this?

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    Every single thing in your letter is totally normal. When I was in high school my classmates hung out in our freshman English teacher's room every morning long after we were freshman. When I became a teacher, same thing. I always expect some of my students to feel the way you do and would be disappointed if they didn't.

    Here's how it is from the teacher's side: We care about our students. We love you. We're there specifically to change your life. And that's how we do it. Now, once you've learned what we're there to teach, we expect you will move on when you are ready, but realize we will always be there loving you when you want to come back and ask a question or just hang out. That's teacher love. People only get into trouble when they confuse it with something else.

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    10 years ago

    im guessing that it was more to do with your age than anything else, maybe you had or was going through puberty and your emotions where all over the place.

    its very common at that age for kids to get a crush on a teacher and yes it really does not matter about what sex they are coz its not really about being attracted to the teacher its about you and each of us coming to terms with these new very power full feelings feelings we have with in our selves what is the difference in what you felt and some girl falling in love with some boy pop band on the TV or being a massive fan of some female singer when put like that it seems normal for them to be kinda obsessed with them so why should it be any different between you and this teacher.

    just like all the other kids that are mad about this or that person you will grow out of it just like all the millions who have done so before you

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