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Why are there different #s of lines & colors in each spectrum?

Why are there different #s of lines & colors in each spectrum? Thanks.

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    the spectrum lines comes from transitions in electron orbits. this is because the difference in energy between the orbits (or levels) corresponds to a wavelength (E=hc/λ).

    the reason why some spectrums has more lines than others (in the visible spectrum) is because the transitions happens to have an energy that corresponds to visible light.

    but if you look at the whole spectrum the number of lines shouldn't change.

    (at least if you ignore that some lamps creates molecules which have their own spectrum lines which will interfere with the original)

    Source(s): several years of physics studies
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    Phew i hate it whilst ppl google up the solutions and reproduction paste them right here. see whilst an electron in an atom jumps from a miles better orbit to a decrease orbit, ( larger orbit's have extra power), power is released. because of the fact the orbits are discreet and not non-quit subsequently by utilising exciting an atom subsequently inflicting its electrons to bounce to a miles better orbit and the letting it return to floor state (non-excited state), the place the electrons bounce decrease back to diminish orbits subsequently liberating power which motives the observable line spectra. and as each and every elemnt's atom has distinctive type of electrons, subsequently by utilising distinctive distinguishing procedures we are in a position to tell one component from yet another.

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