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Why is the heat-wave due to Global Warming?

Essay topic: "The record breaking heat wave is due to global warming"

I need some reasons as to why that statement is true because I can't think of any besides "The record breaking heat wave is a side effect of global warming" which isn't even a good reason. Thanks!

Oh and even if you don't agree with that statement it's no point to argue against it because I have to write about this side of the argument! And different, uncommon, and possibly humurous reasons are encouraged

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    Sorry Jessica but you’ve got a very unrealistic essay to write and whoever set you that topic really needs to get a grip on reality and apply some honesty and objectivity.

    Yes there is global warming, yes there are heatwaves, but no-one can claim that this heatwave or that heatwave was caused by global warming.

    We know for a fact that the number of heatwaves has doubled in recent years, we also know that the number of individual days on which heatwave conditions are reached has tripled. We also know that the planet is warming up and that as a result there will be more heatwaves.

    But with or without global warming there would be heatwaves so it’s very unscientific and completely irrational to claim that a specific heatwave was caused by global warming.

    Far more sensible would be to claim that such and such a heatwave was probably made worse because of global warming. This is a sensible statement and one that can be backed up with accurate facts and figures.

    Anyway, to address your specific point…

    The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is increasing due to our emissions. These gases act as Earth’s insulation and are what ensures we have a planet that’s warm enough to live on. As levels increase the insulation becomes more effective and a greater amount of heat becomes trapped within the atmosphere, this causes the planet to warm up.

    There are many consequences of a warmer planet including disruption to weather patterns.

    With more heat in the atmosphere the likelihood of heatwaves increases, this is because ‘normal’ conditions are closer to the heatwave threshold than they used to be so less exceptional weather is required in order to trigger a heatwave. For the same reason, heatwave conditions are likely to persist longer than they used to.

    The two deadliest heatwaves ever recorded have happened recently – Europe in 2003 and Russia in 2010. These events were like nothing that’s gone before them and many new all time temperature records were set.

    The main cause of both these events lies high in the atmosphere of the mid northerly latitudes. Here we find fast flowing streams of air known as Jets or the Jet Stream. It was unusual behaviour in the Polar Jet Stream that created the conditions for the 2003 and 2010 heatwaves.

    The reason for this unusual behaviour was that the normal pattern of the jet stream had been disrupted when it encountered opposing winds known as Rossby Waves. The waves effectively caused the stream to stall and this meant that weather systems became locked in one place.

    Instead of moving on after a few days they remained in place and where the air masses were hot it led to heatwave conditions becoming established. Once this happened the heatwaves fed into themselves and it got hotter and hotter. Usually the heatwave conditions would move on, mix with cooler air and fade away but when they become static there’s no cold air being introduced.

    The opposing Rossby Waves are probably linked to global warming, the explanation for which is complex. These waves are becoming more frequent as the planet warms up and the jet streams are becoming disrupted ever more frequently. Not only can this increase the likelihood of heatwaves but can cause all manner of extreme weather events. An example being the devastating floods in Pakistan last year in which tens of millions of people were left homeless. The same disruption to the jet stream that caused the heatwave in Russia also caused the floods in Pakistan.

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    that's quite much impossible to look at somebody climate adventure and say "That replaced into brought about via international warming." you will desire to look on the frequency of such activities over a protracted term and instruct whether the numbers are changing. Crone, hurricanes are no longer brought about via heat and chilly air working at the same time. For a hurricane you go with very moist air (provided via heat ocean water) and little wind shear. Wind shear is while the air at distinctive stages interior the ambience is shifting at distinctive speeds or in distinctive instructions, and is brought about via temperature gradients, it is what you get from chilly and heat air coming at the same time. it is the consequence of something called the "thermal wind equation." Tropical hurricane Don is an occasion of what occurs once you have wind shear. right here you have a hurricane over very heat Gulf of Mexico waters, and this is not intensifying previous tropical hurricane status, via fact the winds aloft are blowing the tops off the thunderstorms interior the middle of the hurricane--that's what temperature gradients get you. EDIT: Chronos, that's no longer an El Nino three hundred and sixty 5 days. Up till late spring it replaced right into a los angeles Nina three hundred and sixty 5 days, now that's independent. Forecasts are showing the possibility of transitioning lower back into los angeles Nina in fall.

  • Jeff M
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    The trend or number of heat waves is expected to increase in a warmer world. While any single heat wave can't be stated it was due to global warming or not if you look at long term trends and see an increase there would be a definite correlation with a warming atmosphere there.

  • Anonymous
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    It's NOT. Global warming as predicted by global warming enthusiasts is a proven hoax. Their constant drumbeat that "...the sky is falling..." is an attempt to get you to believe their lie and accept their solution...a world wide command economy with themselves in control. Don't fall for it. You'll end up losing all your liberties and groveling in a slum eating soy meal mush twice a day for the rest of your life.

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  • ?
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    It is not. A common argument by arlarmis is that God is punishing Texas for it's oil industry. This has been used by alarmist for the tornados (because southerners don't believe) and even the earthquake in Haiti (because of inaction at a climate summit).

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Its not true . The has been heatwaves since the beginning of the Earth .

    Warmers think the world was made in 2008 and nothing before matters .

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