What kind of job can I get with a Masters in Sociology?

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    8 years ago
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    Following is a list of positions held by persons with Masters degrees in Sociology, who are working outside of academic settings; however, it is not an exhaustive list of occupations in which sociologists are engaged.

    Sociologist with State Mineral Management Service

    Security Shift Captain, Nuclear Security, Public Service Co.

    Researcher & Lobbyist, State Department of Public Safety.

    Resource Coordinator for Juvenile Services, State Dept. of Corrections

    Director, Comprehensive Manpower Center, Urban League

    Assistant Director, county Jewish Community Centers

    Systems Manager and Research Analyst for county Department of Mental Health.

    Scientist with Bechtel Group Inc. (socio-economic studies; nuclear waste isolation project)

    Account Executive, financial planning group.

    Project Director, state Department of Justice.

    Clinical biofeedback therapist.

    Executive Director, Center for Vocational Training of the Developmentally Disabled.

    Consultant to Parole Agency.

    Research Analyst, URSA Institute.

    Transportation Planner, regional Association of Governments.

    Regional Planner, regional Association of Governments.

    Personnel Research, U.S. Wavy Research and Development Center.

    Community Liaison Representative, state Department of Developmental Services.

    Research Coordinator & Assistant Patient Care Coordinator, Hospice

    Research Analyst with private management consulting flow.

    Owner/Manager, materials expediting firm.

    President, Non-profit social and organizational studies group, publishing consumer newsletters.

    Program Assistant, county Mental Health Department.

    Director, Criminal Justice Evaluation Unit, regional Association of Governments.

    Owner, Financial consulting firm.

    Sociologist, US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management.

    Director, Nurse Training Projects, regional Association of Health Facilities.

    Research Scientist, American Institute for Research.

    Data Analyst, regional Professional Studies Review Organization.

    Manager, Information Systems, with county Health Care Services.

    Administrator, State Home for the Aged Deaf.

    Public Health Advisor, US Public Health Service.

    Executive Director, Social Resources Management firm.

    Environmental Specialist, Private firm generating evaluation studies and environmental impact statements.

    Account Executive, Broadcasting fern dealing with radio advertising.

    Regional Sociologist, Forest Service

    Director of Research and Statistics, Native Hawaiian Project.

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    9 years ago

    ^ thats rude....

    Most sociology majors will try to get a job in the government, but with the recent lay-offs and cut back its would be a tough choice.

    Others will try to get their teaching credentials and teach in intercity locations so that they can get their student fees waived

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  • 9 years ago

    check your local McDonalds

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