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How do I get makeup like Hanna Marin?

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    Hanna Marin has a really pretty, natural, kind of sparkly lid with a blue under eye to really make her eyes pop. (She has blue eyes in the show, so it's a great look for her.)

    First, take a MAC Paint Pot from MAC in Painterly. It's a nude color to even out your eye. You don't want to use a lot, especially because you're going to be using another Paint Pot on top of it.

    Hanna's look has changed a lot throughout the episodes, so I'm going for the look she has in the beginning. It's a little more shimmery... Lately she's been going for more of a smokey eye.

    Next on your lid use another Paint Pot called Bare Study. It's a lot like the paint pot you just used except it is more of a frosted color. Just put this on the lid to get a lot of shimmer.

    Next, to add EVEN MORE shimmer, you should use one of my favorite products. It's called Kitten by Stila. It's a really, really pretty pink shimmery color. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush by Sephora, just focus putting the color on your lid. You can bring it a little bit into your crease. Focus on getting it from your tear duct to your outer corner.

    Hanna has this really great, warm gold color. So take Woodwinked, which is a really pretty gold color. It's from MAC & is from this really great line that I can't remember the name of. :D Put it right in the middle of your lid. You don't want to use too much of this product, so just pat it on, because you already have a lot of shadow & you don't want it to be too cakey. You can see the gold really warms things up. Put it in the outer corner.

    Next take a really soft, natural brown, one that you can use for contouring. Hanna doesn't really have that much contouring, but she has enough just to give her a little shadow & definition. Work the brown into the outer corner, actually going in instead of going out.

    Hanna always had a blue line under her eye that really made her blue eyes pop, so take Rimmel Eyeful Liner in Talk to Me & dab it along your lash line. Try to keep the line thin. Bring it all the way to the center.

    Use a Blu Noir color by MAC, just put in on a liner brush, tap off the excess, & put it under where you already put the blue. Only go halfway in. Take a blending brush & blend it out.

    For the inner part, use Sky Blue by Korres, put it on the same brush, & put it in the inner corners.

    Using Mega Eyes by Wet n Wild, make a pretty thick line starting at the center, working out, making it thicker as you go out, on your top lash line. Go all the way to the inner corner.

    Highlight the eyeshadow with Phloof! by MAC, which is a pearl color. Using your fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply it on your brow bone and tear ducts. Taking the same liner brush, apply it over the blue. Work it under to meet where the blue is.

    Make any more little touches, like putting a little more gold on your eye.

    Hanna has huge eyelashes, so use a mascara. Try to aim the mascara in all directions, not just up, because she has a big fan of lashes. My favorite mascara is LashBlast Volume Mascara. Remember to do your bottom lashes. Focus on getting even the tiniest lower lashes to get that fan.

    Just finish off with some berry lip gloss.

    Hope you enjoy your new look!

    Source(s): You can use any product for this look. Those are just some very nice products I recommend. :)
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