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Questionn aboutt pet rats?

I have two pet female pet rats. I wanna get two more female rats Ive had my females for about 4-6 months would it be okay to add two more females???

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    3 cubic feet per rat soo you will need at least 12 cubic feet if you include a hour or more of play time out side of the cage :) Good luck I'm getting my first 3 today

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    Make sure your cage is big enough for four rats. And it's never a good idea to just throw new rats in a cage together. Keep the new rats in a separate cage for a week or two to make sure they're not sick or else your other rats may get sick. When introducing new healthy rats to your pets, take them to a neutral area (like a bathtub) and let them meet each other. If they fight, then separate them and try again a few days later. After they seem to get along well, you can try to move them all in together, but keep a close eye on them in case your other rats become territorial and don't like the newer girls on their 'property'. But, girls are usually nice to each other so things should go smoothly.

    Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's the safest way to add new rats to your family.

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    Yes, you can add more females. But, make sure to introduce them in a neutral environment. I used the bath tub when I introduced my new boys to each other. It has high sides, none of the rats feel territorial about it, and its open so you can grab them if they fight.

    Leave them in there under your supervision until they seem to like each other. then move them to a just-cleaned cage.

    make sure your cage is large enough for four energetic females. there must be enough space for each girl to have some private space.

    And that comment about spaying: don't. rats don't handle surgery well, especially something as invasive as a spay. So, unless there is some serious medical need for it, don't bother.

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    Rats are sparkling, smart, affectionate animals which bond to their human companions in plenty the comparable way that canines do, and with the the perfect option care could supply a matching point of companionship. they're the comparable species because of the fact the wild brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, yet have been selectively bred for seems and temperament for a minimum of the final century and are actually incredibly distinctive in temperament from their ancestors. they're some distance much less aggressive in the direction of human beings and rival rats, and exhibit countless behavioural variations from wild rats, that have been spoke of by way of researchers. Rats become very related to their vendors, make playful, comfortable pets, and can study to come again by way of call and learn a sort of tricks. in comparison to many different rodents, besides the shown fact that, rats are an exceptionally extreme maintenance puppy. they want a minimum of an hour's playtime outdoors their cage on a daily basis. because of the fact they're plenty extra smart than many different small animals, rats can go through very much if no longer given sufficient interest, unfastened-selection time, and environmental stimulation. together as rats are particularly valuable pets and could pay off any interest and affection you provide them 1000 fold, they might no longer be suited for each individual; in case you could no longer assure to supply your rats a minimum of an hour of high quality time on a daily basis, then perchance a decrease maintenance puppy could be extra suited.

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    I think it would ok if they all get along and u have a bigger cage! any more questions email me at hope this helps

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    you should get them all spayed, they will be less territorial and less prone to certain caners.

    Source(s): veterinary technician
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