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External hard drive to go between Mac and Pc?

I own a MacBook Pro for home use, and an ASUS laptop for work. I'd like to buy a 1tb USB powered portable external hard drive which can not only store files from both computers, but can also be opened on both computers. So, should I do some work at home on my Mac, I can back it up to the drive, take the drive to work the next day, plug it into the PC laptop and open the same file. Any advice?

Update: would this be a smart choice? I'm not sure what format is its default. A guy in a computer shop also mentioned formatting the hard drive to FAT32? Feedback is truly appreciated!

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    You need to format the drive so both can use it. this is a good explanation of it here

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  • 9 years ago

    All the major brands of external drives are both PC and MAC compatible. So you can use any of them that are for sale. Just leave the hard drive so that is is formatted with NTFS (the way it should come from the store). If you were to reformat it using the MAC, it would no longer work with the PC. (MACs can read PC drives because they use a public format called NTFS, but PCs can not read MAC drives because the formatted is owned by Apple and it will not let PCs use it.)

    If you plan to move the hard drive frequently, go with one of the tiny drive that is solid state instead of one of the larger drives that uses the "disk" type drives. They hold up better for doing lots of traveling.

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  • 9 years ago

    i've done that before. it's an easy way to share files between pc and mac. yes it will work fine.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    como estoy apasionada del mundo de los ordenadores me gusta hacer mi propia configuración de ordenador, como todos las otras componentes los he comprado de sitios web y han sido excelentes, el hard disk también lo compre aquí, el hard disk es exactamente como esperaba, muy buena compra.

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