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Oblivion question....?

Ok I'm almost done with the main story but I don't know if I want to yet. I need things aswered first. (1) dose the game open up and your don't with the main story? (2) I got the game of the year eddtion so what's the strongest base damage claymore? (3) is there a way to summon a mounten lion? I'm a level 26 nord. I'm a master in blades heavy armor and armoror. Str=100. Will=72. Int= 41. Agi=42. Spe=50. End=100. Per=41. Luck=57. I use mostly claymores but once in a wile ill use a long sword named Dawnfang/Duskfang. Right now my claymore is a perfect madness claymore with base damage of 32 is there another that's stronger? If so where can I find it? Please help I know this is long but I figured I needed to put in some information about my nord.

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    1) Not sure if I understand your first question, but if you complete the main quest then none of the other quest lines are affected therefore you can continue to play to become master of the fighters guild etc.

    2) You have the strongest base damage claymore. I'd recommend looking for the madness claymore matrix, then have another claymore forged. This will give you the same claymore but with 20 points of damage health.

    3) You can't summon a mountain lion but, depending on your conjuration level there's other cool stuff you can summon.

    Any other questions?

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    The main quest is actually the tip of the iceberg in this game. There are a grip of side quests that will keep to occupied for a long time after u have finished the main quest.

    Here is a page that lists all the weapons in the game. The various links for each type of weapon will show the stats:

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