What does the confederate flag mean to you?

be very honest

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  • 9 years ago
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    It is a symbol of my southern heritage and has no racism meaning at all to me. It represents the southern states. sweet dixieland! I do not think i am better than the rest of the country! Some people such as myself simply think the economy and life in general would have been so much better if the south had won and industrialization did not take place. I (along with most true southerners) think that the north played dirty in cutting supplies off to the confederate soldiers and had they not done that the south would have won because they had the advantage. the south stood for staying the same, having farms, and they were against industrialization, which is what the north stood for.

  • shir
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    9 years ago

    When people fly it or display it, I do not automatically think they are racist. However, I feel that it is always a sign of divisiveness instead of a "one nation" mentality. I feel that it is, at the very least, a message sent by those who take excessive pride in it that they believe southerners are better than the rest of the country. It is somewhat just like being from China but living in the US and flying a Chinese flag at your house because the Confederacy was literally another country. It was not the country we live in today b/c they had seceded from the US.

    Now that is my perspective, but I am a white person. For someone who is black, I would imagine that the automatic perception is that the person displaying it thinks slavery was a good idea. It incites anger and it is best to store it in museums than to display it as if it is something of today.

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