Should we just let countries like Somalia die out?

Before people scream at me that I'm being heartless just hear my argument out for a second.

Somalians live on a land that cannot sustain them, they are also very poor so they cant afford to feed themselves in the first place so they rely on wealthier countries for aid, this is all well and good, however Somalia's population is rising, so therefore we need more resources to keep them around, eventually there is so many people we don't have enough resources to aid them any more and the people will die out anyway, only the tragedy would be much larger than if we let them die out now.

So should we stop sending aid to these countries and just hope they somehow pull through seeing as we seem to only be prolonging and magnifying the problem or should we try and help them for as long as possible?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Somalia has oil sands, one day they will find a way to extract it cheaper and be wealthy.

    Hope I am right in their future, but definitely the oil sands are their only hope.

    People of Somalia also should get their act together and work harder at solving their small differences to get productivity higher.

  • 10 years ago

    IMAGINE a poor 12 yr old boy living in the USA with his parents that are very poor. He lives in the desert (in the middle of nowhere) in a mobile home and they can't afford air conditioning, so they rely on a fan to keep cool during the hot summer months where it can easily reach 115 degrees. This young man is on summer vacation and his parents have absolutely no money to take him anywhere fun, they barely have enough gas to get to the market when needed, so he sits in this hot trailer in the middle of the desert and suffers from heat, boredom (which leads to depression, drug abuse, etc.) and hunger, because they have very little money to buy food. His parents dropped out of high school and the only decent jobs are at least 50 miles away and his parents vehicle won't make it that far for long, forget about being able to afford the gas either. Is this situation his fault? Did he do something wrong to be born into this situation? No, he did not, and neither did the Somalis.

    Those of us who have been born into plenty need to thank our lucky stars and help those who have not.

  • Not all of Somalia is in poverty. But I think it's time they start trying to sustain themselves. The U.S.A is in hard economic times, so we should work on fixing ourselves before we try to help others.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes. We should let the pirate people and the warlords die out

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    10 years ago

    Pirate people

  • 10 years ago

    Yes, they are just leeches. They are so stupid.

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