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What did Lenin mean by: "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."?

And is this idea applicable to the recent Exxon deal with Putin, and with the way our business and political leaders are busy selling America out to the Chinese Communist Party?

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    Lenin had no idea that a devout follower of his would become the President of the United States. He thought the Soviet Union would topple America from the inside. But it wasn't Russian communist who destroyed America, it was domestic Communists like Obama and the 2006 congress.

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    It' about selfish greed, lack of morality and social indifference. A capitalist WILL sell even the rope which they'll hang him with, in order to make a profit. He understands capitalism as a way of living and not as an economical system with its pros and cons. So, effectively he becomes blind to the consequences of his actions, even if he's the one to suffer.

    By the way, you americans better understand that Russia and China are not communist hotbeds anymore. Haven't been for many many years. They're hard-core capitalists of the worse kind. Look how their system works, not what it says on the label. Oh, and you did sell them the rope.

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    He meant exactly what has happened in China would happen to cause the rise of worldwide Communism. That capitalists would provide whatever was needed to cause the success of communism as long as communists would pay the price or provide something the capitalist wanted. I doubt anyone could claim that the Walton family or the CEO's of Apple were "Commie Symps" in the classic meaning of the term, but no one with any knowledge of their actions in China could doubt they are directly responsible for the rebirth of China as a world power or Communism as again a contender for dominance on the world political stage. WalMart is still one of the largest employers in COMMUNIST CHINA, and Apple is certainly the largest transfer point for advanced technology into that country.

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    Capitalism will sell you the rope to hold your self with, and it somewhat is you liberals that decision for capitalism to realize this, along with your assisted suicide crap. Unregulated Capitalism,,,, you're incorrect. Capitalism interior the U. S. is extremely regulated. enormous oil is taxed and controlled via the government plenty, that the government makes thrice the income because of the fact the oil companies, and does not one of the paintings, and we nevertheless have oil spills. Wall highway is heavily regulated via the government, yet we nevertheless had a financial disaster. I call that government greed. you won't be able to call me one industry or enterprise that isn't over regulated and over taxed via enormous government? obama has tripled what Bush spent in in simple terms 18 months. and it would be Capitalism interior the rustic which will pay off the national debt. Capitalism interior the rustic has performed extra in 235 years then the different u . s . has performed in thousands of years. Your information source is letting you down,,,,,attempt FOX information the quantity a million cable information source.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Are you suggesting Stalin was an economics genius?

    Like this: The capitalist will install a business model worldwide that promises a better standard of living for all but turns out be a system of slavery by trapping unsuspecting nations into an unending cycle of perpetual debt that they can never pay.

  • 4 years ago

    Nothing. Because he didn't say it. It's a misattribution.

    Go on, look it up. True fact.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yea and Lenin is the lib idol!!! The anti capitalist are the biggest hypocrites on the planet!!! Exxon, lemme guess you walk every where you go and "grow" your own clothes and food!!!

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    He was simply stating the obvious:

    That those who preach about forcing others to do their "fair share" and "equality for the people" are simply motivated by petty envy and the hunger for revenge.

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    It means that capitalists will provide the means to their demise.

  • 9 years ago

    He was talking about crushing anyone who even got close to his power. Authoritarian ideology is silly.

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