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Road Bike or Mountain Bike?

I Cant decide between getting the B'twin Rockrider 8.0 (Mountain bike) or the Carrera Virtuoso

(Road bike).

I have had a mountain bike and enjoyed every moment of it but i was thinking of cycling to school and a road bike would be more to my advantage. However, i have been told that it is harder to get up hills on road bike help please.

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    I'd say a mountain bike. mountain bikes are a jack of all trades IMO. they work very well off road, good on road if you can get a hard tail with locking forks. road bikes are alot more specialized. they work on the road and only on the road. I'd hate to use one on a bumpy surface or off road. besides mountain bikes are cooler ;)

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    A geared road bike is geared for higher speeds. But, on a modern multi sped bike, there should be more than enough to get you around. A road bike is head and shoulders easier to ride than a mountain bike. It has gears and wheels designed for the road. They are infinitely lighter, and are designed for the surface you will be riding upon.

    If by some chance you will be riding in heavy off road trails. Then a mountain bike may serve you well in both environments.


  • John M
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    8 years ago

    It is much easier climbing on a road bike then a mountain bike. The road bike will be much liter and you don't have shocks to eat up any energy. You can always change the gearing on a road bike but most people don't need to do that. Mountain bikes are terrible on the road and a lot slower.

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    It's all about gearing. Mountain bikes have low gearing for doing very steed off road climbs. Many road bikes with only 2 chainrings have much higher low gears than a mountain bike. However road bikes with compact or triple cranks have lower gearing. Combined with lighter weight and much lower rolling resistance, road bikes like that make hill climbing easier than it would be on a mountain bike. For the same effort you can climb faster on a road bike

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  • 8 years ago

    "However, i have been told that it is harder to get up hills on road bike."

    You have been told wrong. Even with my all aluminum frame road bike (no carbon fiber) and weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs. PLUS me on top of it at 245 lbs., it's still easier to climb hills (on the streets) than a mountain bike.

    The road bike will have no suspension parts to weight the bike down & soak up or eat away at your energy. It will have taller, thinner road tires at a much higher psi rating for lower rolling resistance.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    road bikes are lightweight so it should be easy to ride them no matter its hills or not as long as the road is smooth then you can ride it

    mountain bikes are heavy, the speed is low, you will be tired

  • 8 years ago

    what about a hybrid best of both worlds, i couldn't advise about pros and cons but at least if you wanted to do a little lite off roading trails you have the chance to do it

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