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who is bill gates and paul allen?

what does he do for a living?

what has he done for the modern world?

what school did he go to?

why is he famous?

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    Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, but now Chairman of Microsoft's board.

    Topped the richest people in the world list for quite a while.

    He went, and dropped out, of Harvard.

    He is famous because of the Operating Systems called "Windows"... you should know that.

    He impacted the modern world with the creation of Windows, or the DOS deal he and Allen had with IBM, who, at that time, were rolling out Personal Computers. Bill also has a charity with his wife.

    Paul Allen, current chairman of Vulcan Inc. He is a childhood friend of Bill Gates, and formed "Micro-soft" (Microsoft.) with him. So you understand why he is famous.

    He went, and dropped out, of Washington State Uni. Apparently he was the one who convinced Bill to drop out of Harvard...

    He also owns the Seattle Seahawks.

    Source(s): I can't remember, I researched them out of interest some time ago, so it's just pieces left in my head.
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    Not sure about Paul Allen, gotta research on that xP

    Bill Gates was a drop-out in Harvard University and was the founder of Microsoft. He is the second richest man in the world :)

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  • b
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    9 years ago

    co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates

    you go find out the rest so can get some credit of your own

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