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what are other words you could use to say "ghost" or "haunted" or "always there"?

like in a poem or a song.

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    Main Entry: haunt

    Part of Speech: verb

    Definition: spend a lot of time at

    Synonyms: affect, frequent, habituate, hang about, hang around, hang out*, infest, repair, resort, tarry at, visit

    * = informal/non-formal usage

    Main Entry: haunted

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: frequented

    Synonyms: obsessed, preyed upon, visited by

    Main Entry: attend

    Part of Speech: verb

    Definition: be present at

    Synonyms: appear, be a guest, be at, be present, be there, bob up, catch, check in, clock in, come to light, drop in, frequent, go to, haunt, make an appearance, make it, make the scene, pop up, punch in, punch the clock, ring in, show, show up, sit in on, time in, turn up, visit

    Antonyms: be absent

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    Alright I'll start with Ghost

    Definition: spirit of the dead

    Synonyms: apparition, appearance, banshee, daemon, demon, devil, eidolon, ethereal being, haunt, incorporeal being, kelpie, manes, phantasm, phantom, poltergeist, revenant, shade, shadow, soul, specter, spook, vampire, vision, visitor, wraith, zombie

    Not many I can think of for haunted but theres: Stalked, persued, followed

    Always there: Constantly around, here forever, Will never leave

    Hope this is what you were looking for :)

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    9 years ago

    Here are some ideas I came up with

    ghost: spirit, apparition, sprite, phantom, specter

    haunted: spooky, linger, where spirits roam

    always there: ever present, constant presence

  • 9 years ago

    "Visitors", "Paranormal", "Supernatural","Spooky","Creepy",Ghostly, Weird,Sinister, Eerie,Preoccupied, Worried, Disturbed, Obsessed, Terrified, Anxious, Unnerved, Frightened.

    Hope this helps. :) :) I researched my best.

    Source(s): Yahoo! Search, and Word Hippo.
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