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Can you securely erase a SSD (solid state drive) without any trace?

Unlike disk hard drives, does a ssd drive leave any traces?

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    The process is the same for SSD and HDD - use this will remove all data, partitions and all evidence of potential naughty activities.

    You haven't been naughty now, have you?

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  • 3 years ago

    No if so don`t get it thinking you don`t flow tens of millions of guidance each and each 2d, HDD is appropriate for you and its extra suitable funds friendly. a million. specific they are smaller and bigger compact. 2. In HDD you make the main of moving components so the disc have been given to spin so as that's study yet in SSD you do no longer choose that so the cost is blazing heat. 3. With HDD you have the fear that in case you have a magnet or something electro magnetic that it somewhat is going to erase the disc and that's possible yet with SSD its no magnetical plate so. yet of direction in case you have a quick circuit its extra suitable ideal to have HDD than SSD thinking you have gotten extra suitable ideal success with HDD. 4. you're able to desire to apply undertaking everywhere even in you bathing room LOL. Don`t get SSD in case you basically going to maintain some document or flow some image of you eye-catching dogs, then get a HDD. SSD are for video editor who paintings with HD content fabric fabric who have not have been given time to attend or for experts who're engaged on 10 apps on an identical time. pay attention at tiger direct (no i do no longer paintings for them) a 30 GB SSD value 104.ninety 9 and on an identical value you're able to get a TerraByte (it extremely is a million.000 GB). specific SSD are the destiny yet now the are freaking intense priced, so wait and wait until at last the drop after which you would be waiting to get them on your place of work.

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