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i' m doing art gcse, studying it at the age of 16, and my topic is music, lost for inspiration, please help.?

my topic is music, so far ive looked at some classic album covers, andy worhol's for velvet underground, sgt peppers lonely hearts club album cover and a few otherr. i ve also done pictures awn pictures of some of my favourite artists and now im looking at the raw form of music, like sound waves and manuscript. But im starting to slow down and loose inspiration. Anyone got any ideas?

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    if you think about music you can get the classical but you can also get the pop and r and b. you could try to mix them together, with almost the randomness of pop and the rapping, with the right of classical. this might sound strange but you could almost paint a piano but instead of doing a normal piano you could do the keys colors and random music notes. you could also keep it almost square as a cd cover, and do your piece as a cd cover because they can be random. when i think of music i think of random, and you do get lots of random pieces of music and there all different. i wouldn't do two things of the same on your piece as there aren't two pieces of music exactly the same so you could make everything ever so slightly different. you could also make the sound waves be almost a ribbon, linking it all together. i have a picture in my mind and that is what I'm trying to create in these words. you could also take the radio side of things and do microphones, and radio receivers. boom boxes, stereo's, ipods, headphones,iphone, all the latest bits of tech that play us our music. also if you look at the music video's they are cartoon and animated sometimes.

    try and get as much variety into your piece as thats what music is about

    hope it helps

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