Is Exploit:Win32/MS04028!jpeg a bad virus?

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I don't know how i got it, because i only use my computer for Facebook Yahoo Answers and a few other sports websites. But my microsoft security essentials found it on my more
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"Jpeg", is a reference to a picture file. You may have acquired this on one of the sports pages by clicking on a infected/hostile JPG Photo or Image file. You could have come into contact on Yahoo answers by clicking a link within a question. Read the quote below:

Exploit:Win32/MS04028!jpeg is a detection for a specially crafted image file (.JPG) that exploits a vulnerability discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028. The exploit could cause a buffer overrun leading to the execution of arbitrary code.....There are no common symptoms associated with this threat. Alert notifications from installed antivirus software may be the only symptoms."

As it is quarantined it can not harm your computer. Allow it to remain quarantined until your AV develops a solution to permanently delete it or try an Online AV scanner and let it attempt to remove it. You can try Eset's Online scanner=========>

Good Luck.


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