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is this a good pokemon team- gen 5 wifi?

blaziken: ev:252 atk/252 spd/4 hp, thunderpunch, fire punch, sky uppercut, aerial ace

hydreigon: ev:252 special atk/252 spd/ 4 hp, dragon pulse, surf, dark pulse, flamethrower

ferrothorn: ev: 242 atk/ 252 def/ 4 special def, iron head, seed bomb, bulldoze, aerial ace

feraligatr: ev 252 atk/ 252 hp/ 4 def, waterfall, ice punch, crunch, brick break

gengar: ev 252 special atk/252 spd/ 4 hp, psychic, shaadow ball, sludge bomb, thunderbolt

rhyperior: ev 242 atk/ 252 def/ 252 special def, earthquake, thunderpunch, stone edge, hammer arm

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  • 9 years ago
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    rhyperior has over 700 evs. fix that. and I think ice punch should be used over thunder punch because stone edge and earthquake do about the same as a super effective thunder punch.

    add items...

    spd is special defence. spe is speed.

    for gengar, use the subsplit set (substitute, pain split, shadow ball, and focus blast with max special attack and speed, with a timid nature)

    ferrothorn should have a bit more defensive moveset, with leech seed, toxic/thunderwave, stealth rocks, and an attacking move.

    protect on blaziken or swords dance, either over aerial ace.

    the mvoesets aren't that good, only attacking moves, especially on defensive stuff like ferrothorn. change that.

    IT's a decent team, but not too good.

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  • 9 years ago

    sure it is.

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