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Dear Prof. A

My name is Mandy. It's alreadypassed three weeks since we met at the conference in NY. As you know, I am a Ph.D student inthe Department of Business Administration at XX大學. It’s been a great experience to discuss with you because you’re alreadyfamous in the field of strategic management.

I'm truly grateful for your suggestionabout my conference paper, entitle ”XXXXXX”.Your comments are very helpful and inspired me a lot. Would you please do me afavor? You should remember I ask for your instruction about my paper that recentlyreceived the rejection letter from the XX journal and am now trying to resubmitto another journal. After discussion with my advisor(Prof. BBB) at XX大學, I write this email to you to make a request for moresuggestion and comment for this paper, which means we wouldlike to invite you to be the coauthor of this paper if you are interested in. Attachedis the 1st R&R of our manuscript based on the two reviewers' feedback from XX journal.Please review them and let me know if you have any question. Thank you verymuch. Finally, I would like to conduct research topicsthat align with your research areas, building on new opportunities forcollaborations with each other. It would be a great experience to have you asmy research partner. Looking forward to hearing from you. You are welcomed totake a trip to Taiwan if you have time in the future. Sincerely yours, Mandy

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    Dear Prof. AMy name is Mandy. I am currently a Ph. D. student in Business Administration at the XX University. We met three weeks ago at the conference in New York ; and it was such a pleasure to join your discussion, not the less because you have accomplished so much in the field of strategic management. Your comments and suggestions on my paper have been especially beneficial to me. They are insightful and inspirational. As you might remember, I also had a paper rejected by XX Journal earlier this year; and I am now in the process of revising it so that I could resubmit it to another journal. At the urge of my academic advisor, Prof. BBB, I am writing to you for your suggestions and comments on this paper. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to be our co-author for this paper. Attached is the first draft of our manuscript based on the feedback from the two reviewers for XX Journal. Please take a look, and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your graciousness. Finally, I would like to conduct future researches that are in line with your research areas; and thus laying a foundation for future collaboration possibilities. It would be a great privilege to have a research partner with such distinguished accomplishments as yours. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to hearing from you; and wish you may have time to visit Taiwan in the no so distant future.Sincerely yours,Mandy

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    更正: 第三行“not the less”應該是“not the least”.

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    對不起,最後一句是not so distant future. 筆誤,實在抱歉。

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