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What is the English translation of the romanized Korean song title "Nurul Saranghago" by Jo Sung-Mo?

I found it on a playlist and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, all I know is the romanized title and that it's 4:04 minutes. I did find a certain song of the same length titled "Love Back" on Jo Sung-Mo Volume 4, but although I know the "saranghago" translates to "love," I don't think that's it. It's a pretty subdued song compared to most of his others.

Any help would be appreciated. ^_^

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    If you really love the song and want to make a video, or use the lyrics in something, a professional translation wouldn't be very expensive. Consider getting one done so you can share a song you love with lots of other people.

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    9 years ago

    Would this be the song you're looking for? If so, it's not actually his song; it's just a cover by him.

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    조성모 - 너를 사랑하고도

    Jo sung mo - nuhreul saranghagodo (although I loved you)

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