What is the genre of "A Description of New-England" by Captain John Smith?

I wasn't certain what it would be considered. A journal, treatise, essay, narrative history, etc, I wasn't sure what to call it. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Hi Mary,

    John Smith's A Description of New England and William Bradford's Of

    Plymouth Plantation both present a picture of the same pre-colonial land of New

    England. Mr. Smith's writing, out of necessity, painted a rosy picture of the

    new land, while Bradford's historical account shows early New England was not

    Heaven on Earth. Mr. Bradford and Mr. Smith are writing about one land, but

    they present two different accounts of the life in the land.

    John Smith's writing is his ideal vision of what the new land could be

    with the best of people colonizing the new land. John Smith's fine piece of

    literature may also be considered a beautifully worded, finely tuned piece of

    propaganda. Mr. Smith wrote this selection to influence people to leave their

    lives in England and cross the globe to start a new life in a strange land.

    John Smith described a a land where little work was needed, and riches could be

    easily acquired. Read more here:


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    A Description Of New England

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