global citizenship essay?

Hello! I need to write an essay on global citizenship for my English class, but my mind is blank. please help me giving me some ideas. Thanks!

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    Hello Tritis,

    Global Citizenship

    In recent years, the rights and duties of global citizenship have been by many parties including inside and outside universities. Eade and O’Byrne (2005, 17) say “After human have been independent, their live become more flexible and colorful because people can do everything that they prefer to do, so that mankind more enjoyable with their lifestyle and need to protect their rights”. Some people misunderstand the rights and duties of global citizenship because they lack education about them “Improving the education of democracy is helping people to know their rights” (Heater 2004, 77). The definition of global citizenship is hard to explain because the meaning is so wide and, therefore, difficult to define in a short way. Keeping and Shapiro (2008, 2) describe a meaning of global citizenship as “Global citizenship involves human to have a part in determination in regard to their lives such as the environmental, social and educational”. Read more here:

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    He believes what he's doing is solid. He contributes to society and the community (builds properties for those in choose). He respects authority (facilitates and zoning ordinances, etc).

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